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Walter Raymond Beach

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Articles by Walter Raymond Beach

Spiritual Foes and Perils—No. 2 (March 1939)

In the previous number of this article, seven nega­tive perils that beset the spiritual life of workers were presented—aimlessness, superficiality, hypocrisy, formality, spiritual Pride, sins of the tongue, and spiritual starvation. The author now presents the positive side, giving several constructive sugges­tions for victory over these besetting foes.

Questions to the Editors (August 1948)

On a singing ministry and a question on pulpits.

Administrators of God's Cause (October 1957)

It is a commonplace to state the importance of the role administrators assume in our midst. These men are called to be leaders in the church, and the influence of leaders is extensive and decisive.

Features-Shepherds Abiding. "The Field Is the World" (December 1954)

Does it suffice us, dear brethren, that we are mere shepherds abiding in the field?

The Marks of a Christian Scholar (August 1958)

Address given at the commencement exercises of Potomac University, May 22, 1958.

The New Being (April 1962)

To have a complete idea of Pauline doc­trine, the new creation and its implications must be understood.

A Mission to the World (January 1965)

More highlights from the 1964 biennial autumn council.

Is Prayer Essential? (April 1968)

Why prayer is essential to the spiritual life.

Ambassadorship v. Professionalism (August 1961)

It is possible for the minister to become so familiar with the works of evil that he is no longer profoundly moved when he witnesses the inroads and havoc caused by the forces of sin. He no longer feels emo­tions of revulsion and righteous anger, nor is he stimulated to aggressive warfare. This callous state is a sure sign of professional­ism.

The Church Is on the March* (January 1961)

Report given at the Autumn Council, October 25. The world situation today lays awesome responsibility on the church. It is fitting, therefore, that at this biennial council we spend time in as­sessing the past, evaluating the present, and looking hard into the future.

A Tale of Two Men (August 1960)

A worship talk given in the General Conference chapel. A comparison of Judas and John.

Men and Women With a Ladder (July 1960)

Worship talk given in General Conference chapel regarding Jacob's ladder.

Seventh-day Adventist Apologetics (March 1973)

The following message was delivered to students attending the Andrews University Extension School at Newbold College in England, July 15 to August 17, 1972.

Abortion? (March 1971)

As could and should be expected, public opinion is irreconcilably divided. The division is not along the lines of Christian and non-Christian belief. Even in the Christian church camp different values are assessed separately and the differences do not always fall along denominational lines. . .

Pulling Together (July 1970)

AN UNWRITTEN law of human nature is that people need to be associated in a common cause. Only when they are working together for something that is bigger than individual ambition can men achieve their best. . .

When should a church discipline members? (March 1978)

A veteran church administrator explores the role of church discipline, how to balance justice and mercy in the exercise of discipline, and how to distinguish disciplinable conduct.

Our Spiritual Foes and Perils—No. 1 (February 1939)

A faithful and fearless discussion of the worker's conflict.
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