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Skip Bell

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Articles by Skip Bell

The Pastor: Forming a Shared Vocational Vision (March 2014)

Read these seven elements that illustrate themes of a biblical vision of pastoral ministry noted in Paul’s letter to Timothy.

Christ in the Arts (August 2017)

Relational evangelism for a “now” generation. . . . Read what can happen when a church in the city embraces its millennials, artists, and intellectually curious.

Martina’s choice—and the church that helped her make it (September)

Read an example of how your church can help save lives in its community.

Serving Christ in the city (March 2016)

Disciple making in an urban center requires connecting with people, engaging with the culture, serving sacrificially, living faith publicly, and challenging reasoning.

The last generation: How the Advent hope defines us (July/August 2015)

The author asks, “Could Jesus return today?” and hopes to be among the last generation when Jesus returns!

Different from us: A Pastoral Reflection on Cultural Conflict (January 2012)

How do we, as ministers of the gospel, respond to the questions voiced in our society?

Theology in Parish Life (July 2013)

How is interpretive theology attained in parish life?

The motivation factor: Why people do what they do (November 2012)

To understand motivation, the author recommends beginning with a scriptural starting point.

Missional church: What it can do for church growth (April 2011)

Deep roots in Jesus will bring a greater impact for church growth.

Let the Church Grow! (November 1982)

Skip Bell has identified four congregational patterns that inhibit growth. Perhaps your church has "koinonitis." Or maybe the members are worried about pioneer land rights. No matter what the problem, patterns can be changed, and your church can begin to grow again.

Spiritual gifts: using or misusing? (October 1983)

The doctrine of spiritual gifts must not become a substitute for the work of the Holy Spirit. Here is a timely challenge to avoid this danger by developing a Biblically oriented approach to spiritual gifts based upon a careful study of Scripture.

Caring for church dropouts (April 1986)

Most churches lavish much attention on people entering the church and strangely neglect those leaving. Church growth is holding as well as winning. This article gives a successful strategy for reclaiming former members.

The vacant parish: Managing a pastoral search process (June 2009)

How can a pastoral transition experience be a positive one for the pastor and congregation?

Be Last: Descending to Greatness (January 2009)

Jeremy Kingsley's book reverses the order of life as we envision it.

Here to learn: Lessons from a career transition (December 2002)

Personal and professional growth through changes in role and position.

Finding a faith-based optimism (June 2002)

The value of a Chnstocentric optimism to life and pastoral ministry.

Linking leadership and successful pastoring: An investigation (August 2003)

A study indicating specific leadership qualities and practices that make good leaders

The way it could be: leadership development in ministerial education (July/August 2005)

If you could redesign seminary education, what would you wish for?

Church planting as growth strategy: Is it effective? (April 2004)

An investigation of the relationship between church planting and kingdom growth in the churches in the New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

A dream deferred (June 2006)

Are our churches' dreams being realized? Or are they illusions?

Pastors and life in the public square (November 2010)

Understanding the worldview of Jesus requires that we first note His concern for the well-being of society.
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