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Ben Glanzer

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Articles by Ben Glanzer

Buckets or Floodlights? (November 1955)

This pastor knew how to talk about death!

Climax of the Song Service (September 1949)

Every song service should have a definite climax. But this needs careful planning.

Music-Know Your Song (July 1953)

Our first and most important goal in singing a song in public, whether it be a solo, duet, trio, quartet, or choir number, is to get the message across in such a way that the listeners will be impressed primarily with the message of the song.

Music (August 1953)

Know Your Song! Part II

Music (October 1953)

The Place of Music in Modern Evangelism.

Music (November 1953)

The Place of Music in Modern Evangelism--Part II

Opening Moments, the Crucial Time (August 1949)

The opening moments of an evangelistic song service, or of any song service, for that matter, always constitute a crucial time.

Preparing the Special Song (March 1946)

What things are important for preparing a special song?

Questions for the Family (April 1956)

Many a Christian, like the three Hebrew worthies, have found an angel of the Lord with them during their own individual fiery furnace.

Special Nights and Occasions (October 1949)

It is often possible, and most desirable, to have the theme of the song service fit in with the subject of the sermon, especially on themes such as the second coming, the new earth, conversion, et cetera.

The Challenge of Bethlehem (December 1955)

How the world missed Christ.

Upbuilding the Evangelistic Choir (August 1944)

The song leader who endeavors to carry on without the aid of a choir, when the material for one is available, is working under a great handicap.
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