Ronald A. Bettle

Medical Secretory, Northern New England Conference

Adventist Hospitals Should Be Just That

RECENTLY I was told that Adventist hospitals are operated primarily for public relations. To my way of thinking this is a prostitution of the medical work that the Lord has given us in order to prepare people for His soon coming. I don't believe that Adventists are commissioned by God to run community hospitals as a good-will gesture just nice people doing nice things. . .

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Replacing the Missing Link

ONE facet of administration that is missing in nine out of ten hospitals is Medical Administration the supervision, coordination, and evaluation of patient care." 1 This quotation is taken from an article entitled "How the Medical Director Can Help Improve Patient Care," by Kenneth Babcock, M.D., director of the Joint Com mission on Accreditation of Hospitals from 1954-1964.

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Is the Sanitarium Obsolete?

In the 1880's, when the new medical institution at Battle Creek, Michigan was about to open, John Harvey Kellogg sent out brochures describing its advantages. The changes proposed by John Harvey Kellogg actually added a new word to the English language. . .

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