Gordon Bietz

Gordon Bietz, Ph.D., is president of Southern Adventist University, Collegedale, Tennessee.

Dream or die!

There is not much to do but bury a church when the last of its dreams are dead. The Seventh-day Adventist Church stands today at a crossroads between the memories of the past and the dream of the future. Now is the time when we must decide whether to bury ourselves in legalism, to lose ourselves in permissiveness, or to dream together the dreams that will lead us to a vivific future!

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The Future of the Adventist Ministry

Maintaining the faith during last-day crises will be a function of men of the Word who relate the deep things of God to the needs and concerns of their flock.

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Pastor Power?

Although the pastor might like to think that his role is beyond such mundane and grubby pursuits, the church, no less than the world, must be concerned with power. The difference lies in the model one takes.

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Leadership in crisis

Change necessarily accompanies growth. But change can be hard to handle, because we hold political, theological, and emotional stakes in our church. These can lead to problems of perception both as to the ideas and the personalities of others. The author offers his views as to how we should handle change. If we split as a church, let's do it right on real issues and hard facts!"

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Journey through the crisis of spirituality

What is at the core of a personal pastoral spirituality?

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