Jack J. Blanco

Reviewed by Jack J. Blanco, Department of Religion, Southern College, Collegedale, Tennessee.

A Personal Devotional Journey

Read how the author traveled from conversion to ministry, from sermon preparation to motivation and to seeking to know his Lord better and better.

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A Stone in the Hand of God

A look at Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

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The grace of law

We usually find the terms grace and law in opposing contrast rather than associated together in harmony. In defense of his unusual title, the author says, "The moral law as expressed in the Ten Commandments is as much of grace as is the good news of the gospel, which speaks of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ."

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The Called Church: A Unique Message and Mission

Problems formerly applicable to other churches have suddenly become our own. Our people are asking penetrating questions about the church, its message and mission. Why are we Seventh-day Adventists, and why should we be?

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Angels: We Never Walk Alone

On the ministry of angels

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