Francis J. Braceland

Francis J. Braceland, M.D., Sc.D., F.A.C.P., is a graduate of LaSalle College and Jefferson Medical College. He is at present Senior Consultant and Chairman of Planning and Development at The Institute of Living, Hartford, Connecticut.

Man's Allotted Span

BY THE TIME this message gets into print the writer will have arrived at that age which the psalmist said is "man's allotted span," three score years and ten, and I thought I ought to write and tell you about it, for the experience is new to me. If you are like most of us you will have to be reminded of the occasion by your wife, your secretary, your daughter who bought you a necktie, or a son who bought you after-shave lotion. Actually, it doesn't hurt— there is no crossing a sound barrier, no sonic boom, no bells ring, no whistles blow—you just wake up and there you are. In fact, you are glad you did wake up and are there, for the alternative seems to be so final. . .

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