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Leonard Brand

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Articles by Leonard Brand

Christians, Worldviews, and Wisdom (January 2012)

Only a deep, personal knowledge of God can give us the wisdom to make truly informed choices of what standard we will use to recognize true and trustworthy knowledge—the Word of God or modern scientific interpretations.

Presenting the Case for Creation (December 1975)

WHEN THE disciple Thomas heard that Jesus had risen he would not believe it until he could see and touch the wounds in His hands and side (John 20: 24, 25). When Jesus appeared before Thomas and the other disciples eight days later, His words made it plain that those who have strong faith and can believe without seeing all the evidence gain a blessing from their strong faith. However, He also felt compassion for Thomas in his weakness, and showed him the evidence he had asked for (verses 26-29). . .

The Evidence for Creation—Part 1 (November 1976)

The monthly science and religion column.

What Scientists Can and Cannot Do (October 1976)

Which authority do will you trust?

Science and Religion (January 1977)

The Evidence for Creation (part 2)

Was Moses Wrong? (December 1980)

Do hares really chew the cud? Do camels have cloven hoofs? Or did the author of Leviticus make some serious scientific misstatements?

Faith and the Flood (February 1980)

Is the Genesis Flood Important to Christian Belief? This author definitely feels that it is and tells why he thinks so.

Can science and religion work together? (November 1987)

This article is adapted from one that appeared in Origins 12, No. 2 (1985): 71-88.

Resolving die conflict between science and religion (January 1988)

While science can never prove or disprove God's involvement in influencing earth history, it can demonstrate that it is not unreasonable to believe in the Bible.

Presenting creation and evolution: How? (Part 2) (April 2005)

Final in a two-part series on understanding and communicating the issues of evolution and special creation

Presenting evolution and Creation: How? (Part 1) (February 2005)

In dialogue with non-Creationists; indispensable attitudes and approaches
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