Henry F. Brown

By HENRY F. BROWN, Associate Secretary, Home Missionary Department

Contacts Through Temperance

The present interest in the problem of alcohol in the nation, with its attendant juvenile delin­quency evils, offers Adventists the grandest oppor­tunity of their history to build up a large group of friends among ministers of other faiths, leaders in temperance work, and high school principals.

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Recent Sabbath-Sunday Declarations

The appearance of the following declarations given in full from late Roman Catholic sources demonstrates two things: First, that there is constant request on the part of readers to have the Catholic position on the Sabbath and Sunday clarified. Second, that the Roman Catholic Church is most frank in its statements that it is responsible for the change of the Sabbath. These admissions are highly quotable.

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How to Deal With Catholics

In working for Roman Catholics, we might well keep the following principles in mind

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Appalling Loss Among Our Youth

Why are we losing our teenagers?

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Radio Broadcasts in Southwestern Union

Several months ago the Southwestern Union decided to attempt to reach the inhabitants of this vast territory by means of the radio.

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