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Reinder Bruinsma

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Articles by Reinder Bruinsma

Identity: Being sure about who we are (February 2015)

Read the author’s version of what Seventh-day Adventists mean when they speak of the need to carefully maintain their Adventist identity.

The Joys (and Challenges) of Retirement (January 2012)

If we are blessed to have lived long enough to retire, we will face some new challenges and new joys. What will be our attitude?

Christ's Commandment of Humility (July 1966)

Looking at the ordinance of humility.

Contextualizing the gospel--option or imperative? (December 1997)

The ongoing challenge of relating the gospel meaningfully to disparate cultures

How to become an authentic Christian leader (July 2009)

What are five qualities that people expect from their leaders?

Adventist missions in a new millennium (February 2000)

Meeting the contemporary challenges of the Adventist mission.

Looking back and moving forward (October 2001)

While it is crucial to look back and learn, this must not prevent the progressive forward movement of the Church.

Modern versus postmodern Adventism: The ultimate divide? (June 2005)

How has the postmodern paradigm affected Adventist thought, belief, and worldview?

Expectations for a pastor: seven principles from a church administrator (June 2006)

A church administrator shares his vision for effective pastoral ministry.

To act justly (March 2008)

What must we as church members, pastors, and administrators do to implement the Hebrew concept of justice (mishpat)?

The Babylonian temptation: making a name for ourselves (April 2007)

Church leaders must constantly examine their motives as they fulfill the church's mission.

Living in a diverse church: a case study (January 2007)

The composition of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has changed drastically in recent decades.

Theological diversity: A threat, an asset, or what? (December 2010)

Is it really such an enormous problem, as many seem to think, that Adventist thinking has become much more diverse than it used to be? Is it really such a threat?
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