John Brunt

John Brunt, Ph.D., is senior pastor of Azure Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church, Grand Terrace, California, United States.

Now and Not Yet

John Brunt, Review and Herald Publishing Assn., Hagerstown, Maryland, 1987, 96 pages, paper, US$6.95, Cdn$9.75.

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Ordination of women: a hermeneutical question

How literally should we apply Scripture? Should women no longer lead out or teach in the Sabbath school?

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Christ and the imprisoned spirits

How shall we understand the New Testament passages that weave in themes from Jewish legends? And what can understanding these passages teach us about how we should interpret other parts of the Bible?

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How shall we keep the sabbath?

Jesus' view of Sabbath and Sabbath keeping and its implications for contemporary Christians

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