W.L. Burgan


Don't Abuse Press Card Privileges

In order to assist workers in securing information that may be helpful in presenting current matters that re-enforce the truthfulness and seriousness of the advent message, the Gen­eral Conference Committee has provided press cards through its Press Bureau, giving holders of the same the status of newspaper reporters.

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The Association Forum

A round table discussion on efficient methods.

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What Constitutes Press News

Our gospel commission embraces the use of the public press, which daily reaches mil­lions who perhaps could never be reached with a Seventh-day Adventist publication.

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Capitalizing the Press

The estimate of the value of newspaper pub­licity on the part of the head of the Roman Catholic Church ought to awaken in the minds of God's heralds of the advent message its pressing importance.

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Newspaper Publicity

In these days when every wind of doctrine is blowing and there are con­stantly increasing allurements and at­tractions to lead men and women away from God, it becomes essential that for success in evangelism there must be understood and properly applied the up-to-date methods which attract the attention of the public.

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