Jack E. Bynum

Jack E. Bynum, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of sociology at Southern Oregon University.

Indicators of ministerial resilience

The first part of a long-term study of trends among Adventist ministerial students and pastors

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Intern Troubles

All Christian organizations agree that human relationships constitute a major problem in church operations. Yet, the author here says that "years together with the sacrifice and self-denial of our work [should] mellow our nature and expand our vision!"

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Bedside Manners

This is an excellent and forth¬right commentary on the common mistakes of inexperienced visitors to the sick. 'Why not reproduce it as an insert in your church bulletin and thus benefit the laity?

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Divine Madness Needed

Our concept of the "lowly Jesus, meek and mild," as some of the artists and hymn writers depict Him is rudely shattered when we read the New Testament.

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Project SDA clergy: part 2

The continuation of the research report of sda clergy

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Project SDA clergy: part 1

A revealing study and profile on those who enter the ministry.

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