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Marion E. Cady

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Articles by Marion E. Cady

Voice Defects (October 1929)

Advice on remedying voice defects.

Importance of Voice Training (September 1929)

While every true minister of the gospel is conscious of needed help from God in gaining a knowledge of Bible truth, it is a fact that not all recognize God's willingness to aid in giving utterance to the truths learned.

A Call for Educational Evangelism (September 1941)

Recognizing the three phases of evangelism.

The Reading of Hymns (October 1938)

Should the hymn ever be read aloud before it is sung?

Magnifying the Scripture Lesson (February 1936)

It is to be deeply regretted that the Scripture reading often lacks the instructional and devotional elements.

Technique Voice Interpretation (February 1930)

By the adjustment of voice defects, the voice instrument is gradually brought into tune.

The Art of Reading (April 1930)

The supreme value of the voice gift, and the duty of all gospel workers so to train and develop the powers of voice and speech that they may be free from faulty and defective utterance is strongly emphasized in the writings of the Spirit of prophecy.

The Messenger and the Message (July 1930)

Voice defects may be overcome, voice modulations thoroughly mas­tered, and voice interpretation skill­fully rendered, and yet if there is lacking preparation of heart and mas­tery of self, there exists only a messenger without a message.
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