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Lael Caesar

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Articles by Lael Caesar

Worship, Ministry, and the Authority of the Church (August 2017)

The international and theological breadth of Adventist scholarship is on full display in this book.

Ready for the impossible (June 2014)

Reflections from our continuing revival and reformation series.

Salvation, Hermeneutics, and Culture (November 2012)

Read the seven principles that can be applied to the culture-hermeneutics nexus.

Ask for the Rain (May 2012)

A word on revival and reformation

Where in the world is Satan the devil? (November 2010)

Do we find Satan to be real? Or have we trivialized him to the point where he no longer exists? Satan has almost completely lost his standing in the world of Christian theology. Consider, for example, the attitude of three writers in recent biblical and theological publications. First, celebrated New Testament scholar N. T. Wright, who is fully aware of the pervasive presence of evil in our world today. But in a recent monograph, he identifies evil in both the disruptions of our physical environment and through its control of human minds and spirits.

Integrity on Trial: A case study of Job (April 2000)

Seeing the essential message of Job in terms of integrity

Ministers and ministry-to the poor (November 2003)

What is the role of the local congregation in the life of people in poverty?

First books and last things: What did Job believe about resurrection? (February 2003)

Ancient testimony about a central Christian tenet and its relevance today
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