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Harold Calkins

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Articles by Harold Calkins

The Place of Prayer in Getting Decisions (June 1959)

Only the work accomplished with much prayer, will avail in the end."—The Desire of Ages, p. 362.

Pastor (December 1953)

Relationships With Non-Adventist Ministers

Are You Satisfied With Your Life? (April 1962)

A sermon given in the Temple City church, Glendale, California.

Empty Pulpits (Part 1) (August 1966)

The need for clergyman.

Empty Pulpits (September 1966)

Already the shortage of ministers is apparent.

Some Books I Can Recommend (November 1961)

Book recommendations from Harold L. Calkins

The Value of Vacations (May 1960)

To come apart and rest awhile, to meditate, read and pray, to commune with God, with na­ture, and with our own hearts is re-creation in­deed of the mental, spiritual, and physical pow­ers.

Give Thyself unto Reading (August 1980)

If the apostle Paul considered books an important part of his life, should not we take advantage of this inexhaustible source of information and inspiration?

Secrets of great preachers (January 1986)

What keeps great preachers preaching? The lives of some of history's greatest reveal the common thread of a strong devotional life. The secret of their strength lay in their constant devotion to prayer and Bible study.

Read or trivialize (June 2002)

A call to the minister to be well read in high quality literature.
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