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Michael W. Campbell

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Articles by Michael W. Campbell

The pastor’s guide to Martin Luther and the Reformation (October 2017)

How can a pastor begin to appreciate the life and writings of Martin Luther?

A. G. Daniells: Shaper of Twentieth-Century Adventism (December 2016)

Benjamin McArthur’s biography is a tour de force of Adventist history.

In the Beginning Was the Word: The Bible in American Public Life, 1492–1783 (June 2016)

What does it mean to follow “the Bible and the Bible alone”?

Jan Hus: A man on a mission (November 2015)

Six hundred years after his death, Jan Hus still speaks to us through his life.

Sex on the Sabbath (April 2015)

The subject has always elicited strong reaction. Does the Bible address it?

A New History of Christianity in China (August 2014)

Whether you are a student of Christianity in Asia or someone who has an interest in missions or church history in China, this volume is a great place to start.

Seventh-day Adventists and the formation of ministerial identity: Lessons from our past (October 2014)

This article sheds light on an important aspect of Seventh-day ecclesiology.

“God’s chosen agency for the salvation of souls”1: Lessons from the preaching ministry of Ellen G. White (April 2014)

Because Ellen White believed that proclaiming God’s Word was an essential requirement for an Adventist minister, she rebuked those who did not have this gift and urged them to pursue a different livelihood.

C.S. Lewis—A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet (January 2014)

Reviewing the life of an eccentric genius and reluctant prophet.

The art of the pastoral visit (July 2013)

In this article, the author defines a pastoral visit and explains its importance.

American Saint: Francis Asbury and the Methodists (May 2013)

As a pastor, when I read this book, I was inspired by his life. His struggles with health, church conflict, and even depression give me hope.

Adventist Pioneer Places: New York & New England (April 2012)

Whether you are on a family vacation to any of these sites or are organizing a formal church or school tour group, this book is a must have!

God’s Ambassadors: A History of the Christian Clergy in America (October 2011)

E. Brooks Holifield examines in detail the history of clergy—both Protestant and Catholic—within American religious history.

The pastor's guide to resource materials on church history (November 2009)

Must-have information for the serious student who wishes to research the historical development of the church.

Preaching as community building (August 2009)

Two pastors share their ideas about interacting with their congregations through the sermon.

Seeking a Sanctuary: Seventh-day Adventism and the American Dream, 2nd ed. (February 2009)

Seeking a Sanctuary will challenge Adventist ministers to better understand how those outside of our religious community view our denomination and thereby become more sensitive to our public persona.

A high and sacred calling: a look at the origins of Seventh-day Adventist ministerial training (April 2007)

Where have we come from, as it relates to preparing ministers to preach the Gospel? Where are we going?

Book Review: More than a Prophet (February 2007)

Truth is progressive. This idea is foundational to Adventist epistemology, and ultimately, for a theology of spiritual gifts. More Than a Prophet builds on this concept by arguing that the Adventist denomination needs to grow in its understanding of Ellen White's prophetic life and ministry.
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