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W. John Cannon

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Articles by W. John Cannon

The Scriptural Basis for a Seventh-day Adventist Philosophy of Pastoral Care (July 1956)

Study of the processes of counsel­ing can aid the city pastor to a more effective work for Christ.

The Hospital Chaplaincy (May 1958)

In His first sermon Jesus dearly indicated that the relief of human suf­fering was the heart of His mission.

Now Is the Time (April 1964)

A sermon preached in the Sligo church, Takoma Park, Maryland.

Preacher, What About Your Home? (January 1973)

THE cause of God is facing an unprecedented crisis. As we look around us we know beyond any doubt that the dragon is wroth with the woman and is making war with the remnant of her seed. (See Revelation 12:17.) As a matter of fact, he is working hard on Christians and non-Christians alike, for he knows he has but a short time. . .

Save That Home (August 1972)

WE ARE living in serious times. World conditions unmistakably declare that time is fast running out! The cup of iniquity is almost full. The desperate need of helpless, hopeless men and women leads them to grasp at straws. The whole creation groans. MISSION '72 has called for world revival to prepare for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit. . .

The Call of the Elijah Message (July 1970)

SIR, I want help. I am not an Adventist. I am not even a Christian. I have never voluntarily attended a church in my life." So began one of the many thrilling stories experienced during visits of the Columbia Union College Better Family Living team.
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