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Theodore Carcich

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Articles by Theodore Carcich

"They . . . Went Every Where Preaching (April 1949)

Presentation at Illinois workers' meeting, sub­mitted to THE MINISTRY by request of the workers present. These principles eventuated in an evangelis­tic effort in Chicago, with Elder Carcich as speaker and the Chicago ministers as supporting workers.

A Heart-to-Heart Chat With Unordained Ministers (November 1948)

It is not very often that we get a chance to talk with you unordained men alone. I wish it were possible to sit down with each one and just chat to our hearts' content; but I do not have that opportunity. Hence this letter.

Breakthrough! (June 1967)

The Holy Spirit as the unique power of Christianity.

Communicating with Power (May 1966)

Communicating with others for God is an awesome responsibility.

Don't Put It Off! (May 1964)

Breaking procrastination.

Enlarging Our Baptismal Prospects (December 1955)

Eleven suggestions for winning more people to Christ.

Enthusiastic Response to President's Appeal (February 1967)

The response to President's Pierson's appeal for worldwide evangelism and revival.

Facing the Unforeseeable (April 1960)

The years of life loom ahead. Measured by the past they should bring their share of happiness, health, and success, along with a proportionate share of sorry, illness, and disappointment.

False Report and Rumor (March 1958)

How does a false report and rumor start? And what can you do about it?

Foreign-Language Workers' Convention (December 1964)

Conference held in Battle Creek, Michigan, August 10-13, 1964.

GC President Sets the Pace! (May 1967)

How our leader is leading the way in our new evangelistic efforts.

God's Promise for the Jews (March 1966)

Our work to reach the Jews.

Going Fishing? (July 1967)

Ever try fishing? Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men

Goodness---An Evangelistic Imperative (September 1970)

"He was a good man . . . and much people was added unto the Lord" (Acts 11:24).

How Can We Check Our Apostasies? (August 1947)

The large number of apostasies which take place in our ranks each year should cause all of us to seek some method of reducing such losses.

How Jesus Dealt With Human Minds (February 1955)

How are we going to reach down inside of these people and awaken them to the fact that their only hope of happiness in this life and assurance of eternal life is to become acquainted with the Great Physician, who can heal their disease of body, soul, and spirit and through faith make them whole?

Introducing the Guest Speaker (November 1963)

How should he be treated, and how should he be introduced?

Large-City EVANGELISM (January 1970)

Under the circumstances, what do we do? Shall we retreat and abandon the big cities because of their inherent complexities and challenges?

Obedience and Knowledge (July 1960)

One compensation of obedience is the ac­quisition of spiritual truth and knowl­edge. Generally, knowledge is looked upon as belonging to the mind. This, of course, is true of certain factual knowledge as scien­tific experiment and theoretical truth. It is certainly not true of spiritual knowledge.

On Giving Advice (January 1976)

The author gives wise advise on giving advice

Our Fundamental Task (April 1967)

Adventists and Evangelism

Preaching--Its Nature and Urgency (June 1970)

NOWADAYS preaching is considered as a somewhat prosaic and outworn occupation. Everyone, even preachers, occasionally takes a crack at the sermon and the sermonizer and the seeming futility and unpopularity of preaching. . .

Retire if you must, but keep on living! (May 1979)

"Merely to sit and rest, dreaming only of past glories, is to invite a progressive paralysis that will eventually destroy."

Stop on Red Signal (July 1966)

Warning signals to watch for.

The Church's Soul-Winning Agencies (June 1943)

A message from a conference president to his workers.

The New Quadrennium's Watchword—Evangelism! (November 1966)

What should guide us in plotting the future and directing God's work in all the world divisions?

The preaching preacher—an endangered species? (August 1979)

Many seem to feel that because of dreaded irrelevance the preacher and his preaching belong in the same class as the whooping crane and the timber wolf.

The Qualifications of Leadership (June 1958)

God uses men to carry on His work on earth. Sacred history is replete with their leadership exploits. In every significant Biblical event there was a bold leader and a given task.

This is the Time (June 1968)

The prophetic clock marches on relentlessly.

To the Wives of Our Workers (April 1955)

The monthly shepherdess column.

What Do We Mean by Total Evangelism? (June 1969)

WHAT does total evangelism mean? Certainly it means more than just programming evangelism on high denominational levels. It is relatively easy for experts to map strategy, but the success of any evangelistic thrust depends upon committed individuals in every strata of church organization. . .

What's Wrong With a Little Gambling? (September 1959)

What's wrong with a little gambling? Why, the same thing that is wrong with a little murder, a little larceny, a little lying, and a little adultery.

Why Power (October 1968)

"Ye shall receive power" (Acts 1:8).

FEATURES: Winning Personality Traits (June 1952)

The personality traits that make ministers successful
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