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Morris Chalfant

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Articles by Morris Chalfant

Say it with a prayer! (July 1984)

If we wish to minister with power, we must pray. But often we find prayer squeezed out of our lives by the multiplicity of duties that fill our days. The author suggests how prayer can begin again to surcharge our lives and empower our ministry.

Feed the lambs, not the giraffes (November 1982)

Cumbersome jargon and the multisyllable are often only a mask for shallow and superficial thought. To feed every member in your pews, study deeply and preach simply.

Passion: the indispensable ingredient (July 1982)

If the world is to be won for Christ, there is no substitute for a passion for souls.

Elected for life? (May 1983)

Is it in the best interest of the church for a person to remain in a leadership position for decades simply because he has avoided serious mistakes and egregious blunders?

Preaching with power (May 2002)

The role of clarity and simplicity in preaching

It's imperative: Build the family altar (January 2004)

A clarion call to reestablish family worship
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