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Ron Clouzet

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Articles by Ron Clouzet

The purpose and power of ministry: A pastor’s journey (January 2018)

Finding the supernatural power to change a pastor’s public ministry may well begin with the pastor’s personal ministry. The results don’t just impact the pastor; they change the church.

The Spirit in your life: Conditions for endowment (part 2 of 2)1 (September 2011)

What does it take to be endowed with the Spirit of God? In the July issue, we explored four of the seven conditions for the reception of the Spirit, as revealed in the New Testament: repentance, implicit trust, obedience, and a burden for the lost. We will address the last three conditions in this article: persistent intercession, honoring the body temple, and letting Christ abide in your heart. . .

The Spirit in your life: conditions for endowment (part 1 of 2)* (July 2011)

As a young man, I attended a charismatic church service on the outskirts of town. Being raised in a conservative Protestant denomination, I suspected the experience would be quite different than my usual fare, but I was ready for a new adventure. . .

Sharing the hope again: Discussing the North American Division evangelism initiative (June 2010)

Evangelism is not merely a one-year endeavor, not a single all-out effort to reach more people for Christ. No, it must be the all consuming mission of the disciples of Christ to "save a perishing world."

Doing evangelism when no one seems to care (August 2009)

How? The answer may be simpler and easier than we think.
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