Cecil Coffey

Public Relations, North Pacific Union

Visual Aids at S.M.C.

Perhaps the most practical mechanical subject taught ministerial students at South­ern Missionary College is the course in visual aids.

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Public Relations Evangelism in Canada

For several years denominational leaders in Canada have given study to more effective ways of acquainting the public with Adventists, their beliefs and activities. Here are some results of their efforts.

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Good Listening is Enlightening

CAREFULLY cultivating the practice of good listening—really paying attention to what is being said, no matter who is saying it—is one of the best shortcuts for a church leader who seeks to accumulate current information that is pertinent. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that persons in leadership positions often are poor listeners, largely for these reasons. . .

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Write Simply

IT IS not easy to write simply; in fact, it is more difficult to be simple in communicating than to be complex. But the most effective writing is simple writing. Witness the success of Reader's Digest, a good example of simple writing. . .

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The Written Communication

WHEN ministers are required to write something that will convey information from them to others they must immediately grope with the problem of communicating. So many times a letter, a memo, or a report fails to reach the intended recipient, not because it may be physically lost, but because it isn't clear or doesn't say what the writer intended. . .

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