J. F. Coltheart

Former Ministerial Association Secretary, Northern European Division

Hymns of the Church

While it is historically in­ccurate to assume that the English Reformation was brought about by the "marry­ing monarch's" desire for a divorce, nevertheless it is a fact that this love affair was one of a series of events that was to lead to a break with the Roman Church.

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City evangelism in the Orient Obtaining Sabbath Concessions Mobile Evangelistic Unit in Great Britain Applying Our Work of Education to Evangelism (Part II) Electric Map Shows Spread of Message Evangelistic Newspaper in New Zealand Stressing Our World Missions Parade of Heathen Power "August Evangelism"

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Evangelism in the Northlands

FOR some time it was felt that we needed a new method of approach in presenting the Advent message in the northern cities of our division. . .

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Workers of West Nordic Union Meet

THE West Nordic Union embraces the territories of Denmark, Norway, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland. It is always a pleasure to visit this interesting field. . .

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The Challenge of Northern Europe

Somehow we must lift up Christ, sound a warning message, and call out a remnant in this great Northern European Division. From West Africa and Ethiopia to Iceland and across to Poland; in historic Britain, beautiful Scandinavia, and that most densely populated land on earth—little Holland, we need to work with the belief that this is the last hour.

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The All-Day Bible Seminar

TAKE about two hundred people on a Sabbath morning, place them in a cozy lecture theater, subject them to about ten hours of practically nonstop Bible study, charge them a dollar or two for the privilege of being in attendance, and you have what we like to call a Bible seminar. Interestingly enough, this novel approach is effective in gaining decisions for truth. . .

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