M.G. Conger

By M. G. CONGER. President of the New Jersey Conference

The Evangelistic Meeting Place

Although we cannot always secure the ideal place for our meetings, yet a number of different types of meeting places may be acceptable. The choice depends largely upon local conditions and the meeting places available. We here list those best adapted to our needs.

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Advertising the Evangelistic Effort

Advertising is a great means to the end of moving our Eastern cities, or any city, to accept of this the greatest message ever given to man.

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"Beautify the House of the Lord"

The divine pattern, the heavenly blue print, clearly in­dicated that no careless plans nor indifferent work would be acceptable to God.

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Making Our Church Properties Witness for Our Faith

Every church building or other property used for denominational purposes should be so maintained that it will be an honor to God's truth, and then should be plainly and neatly marked with an appropriate sign, thus causing it to witness for the "faith once delivered unto the saints."

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