Victor Cooper

Victor Cooper, Bracknell, Berkshire, England.

The eyes have it

According to research, people obtain 83 percent of their information through sight How can communicators of the gospel use the visual to be more effective?

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Smoking Still Kills

"Let's give the tobacco companies fits," urges the former U.S. Surgeon-General who brought about the warnings on cigarette ads.

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Television and Religion: The Shaping of Faith, Values, and Culture

Bill Fore, Augsburg Publishing House, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1987, 208 pages, $11.95, paper.

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Clergy and Violence

The cost and cautions of ministering in urban settings.

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A Dangerous Woman: The Life and Times of Lady Deborah Moody (1586-1659?)- New York's First Lady Liberty

A documented account of the "woman who wrote our Declaration of Independence 150 years before the men got around to it."

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