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James A. Cress

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Articles by James A. Cress

''You can't teach an egg to fly before it's hatched!" (March 1991)

Evangelism and discipling do not constitute an either-or issue in Christian calling. We need both in order to fulfill our Lord's commission.

I believe in literature evangelism (December 1994)

Literature evangelism really works!

A call to consistency (November 1994)

Like ripples from a rock dropped into a quiet pool, the trauma of clergy sexual misconduct spreads well beyond the personal life of those directly involved.

The fine art of pastoral visitation (September 1994)

Some believe pastoral visitation is dead. However, when members describe qualities of the ideal pastor, they typically list visitation as a high priority.

You will catch more fish with the net (August 1994)

When Jesus likened evangelism to fishing, He probably wasn't thinking of a line on a pole dropped into a quiet stream with a bit of attractive bait. Jesus envisioned winning great numbers the gospel going to the whole world.

Making your school successful (June 1994)

Tips to help with your school

Making the most of your time (May 1994)

Some helpful tips to help you manage your time

Lessons from a tragedy (April 1994)

I learned some valuable lessons from the '94 Los Angeles earthquake

On being evaluated (March 1994)

Pastoral evaluations

How leaders can encourage pastors (February 1994)

Ways that leaders can support and encourage pastors

Evaluation-whose opinion counts? (January 1994)

Who should you trust to evaluate you?

I wish I had said that! (December 1996)

I hope some of my favorite quotations will brighten your day and challenge your thinking!

Pastor's Pastor: Seeking those who in not appear to be lost (February 1993)

The condition of those who are lost is not always apparent.

Caring in the age of AIDS (November 1996)

Caring for those who have AIDS

Pastor's Pastor: Unfinished business (January 1993)

Grappling with the pain and reality of unfinished business in ministry.

Common sense pastoring (October 1996)

Some common sense concepts that can help your ministry

True evangelistic success (September 1996)

The key to real successful evangelism

Editor holds evangelistic series in Pusan, Korea (December 1995)

Will Eva, the newly appointed editor of Ministry Magazine, on his experiences in Korea.

Reviewing the Adventist Review (December 1995)

Our church paper changes to meet the times.

If at first you don't succeed---beg for mercy (August 1996)

The greatest lesson I learned in Freshman Composition came when a generous woman extended grace instead of the results of my own works, which is really what I deserved.

Conserving the catch (July 1996)

With regard to new believers, too often we do that which Jesus says must be reserved for the day of judgment and for angels who will serve as God's agents.

Let's abolish the laity (June 1996)

The Scriptures call for the working body of Christians-all Christians, whether so-called laity or so-called clergy-together to spread the good news of salvation.

Experiencing the blessed hope now! (May 1996)

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is entering a new and exciting ministry of rekindling the hope that Jesus brings.

Pastor's Pastor: Team ministry (October 1995)

The team-ministry of husband and wife

Pastor's Pastor: Beware of spiritual child abuse (September 1995)

The importance of caring for new believers

Transitions in Ministerial Association (September 1995)

The change of personnel in the Ministerial Association.

How do you handle truth? (March 1996)

When desiring to encourage, or even to mandate, increased Scripture study, pastors and evangelists everywhere have utilized Paul's admonition to the young minister.

Pastor's Pastor: How to destroy your leadership (January 1996)

What kind of things destroy leadership?

How to survive the coming crisis (July/August 1995)

Faithful stewardship means survival in the final crisis.

Pastor's Pastor: Quotes again (December 1998)

During the Wyoming camp meeting, I was privileged to meet with the Junior group who used Noah's ark as their theme.

The power of God's Word (October 1998)

Preaching the Word of God is life changing.

Worship is a verb (June 1995)

For spiritual growth, doing is more important than watching!

The many faces of power (May 1995)

It is important for us to understand the proper use of power and to learn to avoid its abuse.

Keeping what we reap (September 1998)

Adventists are preparing to launch another evangelistic thrust via satellite downlink, our greatest such project in history.

Making your sermon live (March 1995)

Infusing life into the sermon hour.

Preparing for retirement (August 1998)

Some ministers eagerly approach retirement with well-tailored plans while others view retirement as the curse that removes them from "the real world."

Should we lower our expectations? (July 1998)

When one leader, who has never served as a pastor, recently suggested that there are no expectations for pastoral spouses, it is appropriate to ask whether we should we lower our expectations?

Selective disobedience (June 1998)

Adventists have affirmed the gift of prophecy given to our church through the ministry and writings of Ellen G. White. However, it seems that we "believe" in her counsels more firmly if they fit our preconceived notions, and we tend to "disregard" her counsels if they inconvenience our own plans or procedures.

A tribute to Robert Spangler (November 1997)

In the fireplace of life, Robert Spangler was pure cedar.

PKs are special too! (May 1998)

A look at what it means to be a preacher's kid

Dynamic New Computer Resource for Pastors (September 1997)

New CD provides pictures, video clips, graphics, charts, and sermon texts for the busy pastor

Pastor's Pastor: I enjoy raising money (August 1997)

I find real joy when inviting others to give generously to a program or project in which I believe.

Pastor's Pastor: Where the action is (March 1997)

My understanding of 13 key outcomes to expect from a proper focus on a local church-based ministry.

Proclaiming freedom (February 1997)

Intolerance is ugly in any setting and particularly so in the realm of religious belief and expression.

Renting our churches to others (April 1998)

What is the policy for renting out my church?

Jesus is the essence of life (January 1997)

An overview of our faith centered in the bedrock of a relationship with our Saviour.

Mary K. and Karla Faye (March 1998)

Another look at sin and the Blessed Hope we have in Christ to save us.

Biblical preaching among the people: Scripture impacts Danish society (January 1997)

This project is the single largest distribution of the Scriptures in the shortest amount of time in the history of the world.

Pastor's Pastor: Millennium bug (December 1999)

Twin dangers as we approach the new millennium

What's going on? (February 1998)

What's going on? What are the deeper and more destructive problems facing our Church today?

Pastor's Pastor: Getting through to people (November 1999)

Wise speakers select a variety of approaches to appeal to various individuals in their audience and thus have greater potential for piercing the preoccupation barriers of more people.

While we wait (January 1998)

What should we do while we wait?

Pastor's Pastor: Preaching that reaches people (September 1999)

Human motivation and its potential for evangelism

Practical youth ministry (December 2000)

Any church determined to reach their children and youth can make a real difference, not by producing ever more sensational spectator programming, but by involving the whole church, especially the youth, in meaningful ministry activities.

Pastor's Pastor: Recruiting laity leaders (June 1999)

Pastors have the great privilege and responsibility to discover and recruit the very best laity leaders (elders, deacons, trustees) for God's church.

Pastor's Pastor: Church libraries needed (May 1999)

Now I believe churches should sponsor libraries and as a pastor I have encouraged laity librarians in two different congregations to establish a church library.

Ready to die? (November 2000)

Are you ready to die?" When my colleague and long-time friend, Harold Baasch, confronted me with this question, I initially thought he was enquiring about my salvation.

Pastor's Pastor: Preparation for marriage (April 1999)

The greatest impact a pastor can make on the establishment of a new family is prior to the wedding ceremony during premarital counseling.

Pastor's Pastor: Expand your pastoral team (March 1999)

Let me encourage you with a real way to expand your staff without appealing for extra funding from the conference and yet accomplishing more ministry than you might have imagined possible

Restoring evangelistic credibility (October 2000)

Perhaps no evangelist in history has preached to more people in more countries than Billy Graham, who, during more than a half century of public ministry, has avoided even a hint of scandal or impropriety.

Pastor's Pastor: Doing It Right! (February 1999)

A meaningful program that demonstrated high spirituality and careful planning.

Outrageous grace (September 2000)

Jesus' generosity toward sinners outraged the establishment of His day just as quickly as this column will aggravate some religious practitioners today.

Pastor's Pastor: Join now! (January 1999)

Departing and arriving ministerial staff

Pastor's Pastor: Seven good ideas (August 2000)

I hope these good, practical ideas will awaken excellence in pastoral ministry for you.

Pastor's Pastor: Differently genuine (December 2009)

All humans embrace the familiar and routine and resist that which challenges our comfortable, long-established patterns.

Pastor's Pastor: A tribute to E. E. Cleveland (November 2009)

Few Adventist leaders are so well known and loved that merely their initials identify their ministry and mission.

Pastor's Pastor: Pastors in conversation (October 2009)

I encourage ministerial secretaries everywhere to alert the elders throughout their territories about the appropriateness of giving honor to whom honor is due (see Rom. 13:7).

Pastor's Pastor: Thirty Roses (June/July 2000)

Thirty years ago, June 7, Jesus gave me the greatest gift beyond His saving grace. Sharon became my partner in marriage, ministry, mischief, and mission.

Pastor's Pastor: Smile-winning (August 2009)

Today, I believe we still have the opportunity to best represent Jesus' character by a joyful countenance and friendly demeanor rather than stern, joyless approaches.

Pastor's Pastor: What pastors owe to their associate leaders (July 2009)

In order to effectively labor, pastors must place their associates in the best possible position. What, then, do they owe those who assist them?

Pastor's Pastor: How to bring revival (May 2000)

How do we bring about revival?

Pastor's Pastor: Visitation expectation (May 2009)

You cannot visit all the members all the time. The reality of overcrowded schedules and overstressed ministers often leaves an awesome expectation gap between intention and reality.
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