Des Cummings. Jr.

Des Cummings, Jr., Ph.D., is the director of the Institute of Church Ministry.

Morale in ministry—a study of the pastor as a person

What are the greatest sources of frustration for the Adventist pastor? What areas cause the most satisfaction? How seriously does family life affect pastoral morale? A recent sampling indicates that personal factors, even more than professional expertise, may determine effectiveness and contentment in pastoral ministry.

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Interns and supervisors view each other

A recent study indicates broad agreement on the purpose and benefits of the internship program. But the view of what is actually happening varies between interns and supervising pastors.

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Who reads Ellen White?

Do church members who regularly read the writings of Ellen White differ significantly from those who seldom do? A recent church growth study in North America yields profiles of each group and indicates that although it may not be possible to establish a cause-and-effect relationship, differences do exist.

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Narrative preaching

Many preachers feel that giving a narrative sermon is simply telling a story, but much more is involved than that. Seven simple steps are outlined here in developing a narrative sermon to its fullest potential. One step is to fill out the dynamics of the story immersing your self completely into the Biblical life situation, so that you are able to "walk your character around." You will be interested to discover the other six steps.

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Morale in ministry—a study of the pastor's wife as a person

Along with her pastor husband, the woman in the parsonage is facing discouragement and frustration. Yet she still finds joy and fulfillment in working alongside her husband in soul winning and nurture.

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