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D. A. Ochs

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Articles by D. A. Ochs

The Minister's Wife Should Dress Sensibly (September 1942)

A Study of Principles, Perils, and Developments.

Harmony and Design in Dress (November 1943)

Our principles, perils, and developments column.

How Are Your Pulpit Manners? (June 1944)

Advice on mannerisms and presentation.

Pastor as Leader in Christian Education (August 1947)

Who is to blow the trumpet in Zion?

Pulpit Manners (September 1966)

The conduct, style, and manner of the messenger.

Custodians of Our Youth (March 1936)

Ministers are the custodians of the young people in their charge. It is imperative, therefore, that they understand the youthful mind from the young person's point of view.
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