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A.G. Daniells

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Articles by A.G. Daniells

A Change in Association Leadership (June 1931)

Elder Evans Succeeds Elder Daniells

A Covenant of Separation Indicated (August 1933)

*Devotional hour May 3, 1933, based upon these words in Joshua 3 :5, 10: 4:24

Editorial Keynotes (January 1930)

The minister an agent of the supernatural

Editorial Keynotes (June 1930)

The threefold message to the church.

Editorial Keynotes (January 1929)

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Editorial Keynotes (June 1929)

Thoughts on a more fruitful ministry.

Editorial Keynotes (November 1929)

The Minister and his own soul.

Editorial Keynotes (December 1929)

The minister and his disposition.

Editorial Keynotes (January 1928)

Advice for a more efficient ministry.

Editorial Keynotes (February 1928)

Earnestness is a vital element of efficiency.

Editorial Keynotes (March 1928)

A more thorough ministry

Editorial Keynotes (May 1928)

Towards a more powerful ministry.

Editorial Keynotes (June 1928)

Floods of Spiritual Power

Editorial Keynotes (July 1928)

Of all essential qualities for the gospel ministry, spirituality is the underlying, intertwining, predominant principle.

Editorial Keynotes (September 1928)

Thoughts from the editor's desk on union with Christ.

Editorial Keynotes (November 1928)

A more prayerful ministry

Farewell Charge to the Advent Ministry (May 1935)

Given by A.G. Daniells, March 21, 1935

Ministerial Institutes in the Aus­tralasian Division (May 1929)

Association news from around the world circle.

Momentous Questions (December 1930)

A personal message from Elder A.G. Daniells

Our Great Need as a Ministry (January 1933)

Strong ministry means a strong church and a triumphant movement; a weak ministry can mean none other than a weak church and a half-paralyzed movement. We must resolutely set our faces, then, to build up a spiritual, intellectual, progressive, efficient ministry.

Our Greatest Peril (July 1929)

A mere assent to the truth does not constitute righteousness.

The " Appeal to Our Workers " (February 1930)

Regarding the recent messages of exhortation and warning sent out.

The Conditions of Spirituality (August 1928)

What are the conditions of spirituality?

The Goal of Thorough Instruction (September 1930)

Remarks made at the close of the presentation by J. C. Stevens

The Holding Power (October 1930)

Daily Association notes.

The Minister's Books (December 1930)

The importance and value of good books and continuous reading.

The Power of a Godly Life (February 1931)

We all realize, and could truthfully testify to the solemn conviction resting upon our hearts, that we stand today in need of a great spiritual awakening, and that we must have more power from God.

The Prophetic Gift (March 1933)

The prophetic gift is not the message or the gospel; neither is it the Bible; rather it is the method, or way, by which the divine message comes from God to man.
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