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Richard M. Davidson

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Articles by Richard M. Davidson

Dealing with doctrinal issues in the church: Part 4 (August 2013)

Controversial issues have the potential of splitting a church. How can we avoid this danger?

Dealing with doctrinal issues in the church: Part 3 (June 2013)

The authors continue their discussion of how to deal with controversial subjects in the church.

Dealing with doctrinal issues in the church: Part 2 (April 2013)

In Acts 15, Luke records the first Jerusalem Council as they deliberated on issues. Read the description of ways the early church dealt with controversial doctrinal problems.

Dealing with doctrinal issues in the church (February 2013)

Consider these ground rules for dealing with divisive theological issues.

Who Authored the Bible? (March 2012)

While the Bible was written by numerous individuals, modern scholarship has questioned its authenticity. So, who really wrote the Scriptures?

Typology and the Levitical system—2 (April 1984)

The author concludes his two-part series with this article. In it he deals with the questions as to whether there is a basic continuity between sanctuary type and antitype, and what role Hebrews plays in interpreting the Old Testament sanctuary. Is Hebrews the only New Testament interpretation of the sanctuary and its services and must it be regarded as the only and ultimate norm in interpreting them?

Typology and the Levitical system—1 (February 1984)

The author here begins a two-part study on typology, particularly relating it to the sanctuary, the Levitical system, and the book of Hebrews. In this first article he deals with such questions as Does typology provide a valid and serious way of understanding the Old Testament? Is sanctuary typology a dualistic vertical typology or does it function in the same framework as the rest of Old Testament typology?

The Second Advent and the "fullness of time" (June/July 2000)

The investigative judgment and the timing of the Second Advent
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