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Thomas A. Davis

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Articles by Thomas A. Davis

Humor in the Pulpit (May 1956)

In the light of our solemn responsibility, one of the areas in which we ought to carefully guard ourselves in the desk is that of the use of humor.

Some Books I Can Recommend (March 1961)

Book recommendations from T. A. Davis, Editor, Philippine Publishing House, Manila

The Irreducible Minimum (November 1975)

LOVE IS the dominant characteristic of God, and love is outgoing. God's love reaches out to bestow its warmth upon the whole of His creation. . .

Christ's human nature: an alternate view (June 1986)

The science of salvation will be the study of the redeemed through all eternity. Here is a glimpse of what that study will be like.

The King James Version Debate: A Plea for Realism (October 1988)

D. A. Carson, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, 1985 (reprinted), 128 pages, paper, $4.50.

The scapegoat (October 1998)

A careful look at the Adventist position on Azazel

Surrender: The neglected imperative in salvation (June 2009)

If justification and salvation are free, where do we place surrender, which seems to suggest the giving up of freedom?

Delivering the message (August 2002)

An inspiring reflection on the heart of the pastoral call.
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