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Kayle de Waal

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Articles by Kayle de Waal

The Katartismos Pastor (November 2013)

Pastors often think their churches will not go on unless they lead out at every church function. Read how pastors could and should change this concept.

The downfalls of satan in the book of Revelation (February 2013)

The book of Revelation, studied in conjunction with the Old Testament, provides fertile soil for the pastor to dig carefully and uncover new facets of meaning on the cosmic conflict.

The Motif of Way in Luke and Acts (Part 2 of 2) (August 2011)

Jesus met most people on the road. All the Gospels portray Jesus on a continual road trip—God in action—urgently making a way to reach us. Along the way, Jesus encountered women broken by disease; a boy and a girl, whose young lives have been snatched away from their loved ones; women caught in questionable activities; hope-deprived people; and disease-riddled men. . .

The Way of the Cross in Mark's Gospel (June 2011)

This article examines the usage of the word way in Mark and draws some theological and pastoral implications.
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