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F. W. Detamore

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Articles by F. W. Detamore

Affiliated Yet Independent Broadcasts (November 1941)

The accompanying cut is the joint emblem of three broadcasts conducted in the Middle Western States, all operating under the same name, yet separate in their work.

Central Union Evangelistic Council (March 1941)

A unique and highly practical evangelistic council for the Central Union Conference was held in Boulder, Colorado, December 16-22.

Radio Lightens the Evangelistic Load (May 1942)

Radio evangelism in action. A discussion of plans, methods, and objectives.

Radio Bible Study Correspondence Course (January 1942)

A survey of successful methods for a radio bible study correspondence course.

Billboard Advertising Values (September 1943)

In starting an evangelistic campaign in a new city, how can one convince the public that the projected series is not just another revival as disappointing as former ones?

National and Local Broadcasts (June 1943)

Radio evangelism in action.

Financing the Radio Program-2 (March 1943)

Our continued look at financing the local radio program.

Making Contact With Listeners (June 1944)

One of the best preparations that can be made for an evangelistic campaign is to have a Bible instructor or a colporteur build up an in­terest before the evangelist begins his series of meetings.

"News X Ray" Preliminary Feature (June 1945)

In my last effort in Kansas City I tried a little plan that proved very valuable from many angles in an evangelistic campaign.

Why Advertise Our Name? (August 1946)

Why should we give advance publicity as to our denominational status?

Approach to Backsliders (May 1946)

We so often fail to realize the wonderful results obtained in comparison to the effort expended in working for backsliders in a campaign.

Launching an Evangelistic Campaign (February 1946)

Organizing the church for an upcoming campaign.

Singing Evangelists and Speaking Evangelists (November 1947)

Presented at Southwestern Union ministerial in­stitute.

Cooperating With the Pastor (May 1947)

If we expect the successful working of the Holy Spirit in a campaign, is it not essential that pastor and evangelist go forward hand in hand in harmony?

Visiting Other Ministers (January 1947)

The counsel of the Spirit of prophecy is that we should visit the ministers of other faiths when we come to a new town.

Visiting an Interest (August 1948)

We are in grave danger of making two mistakes in the matter of personal work. One is the danger of pressing one too far to­ward a decision who is not yet ready for it, and the other is failure in not giving enough help to one who is ready for the kingdom.

Recent Evangelism in Shanghai (March 1949)

A recent report on evangelistic meetings in Shangai.

Short Campaigns and the Local Pastor (March 1955)

We have asked several pastors with whom Fordyce Detamore and his team have worked, to answer some questions regarding the permanency of this program.

Making Time for Evangelism (March 1956)

How can a minister condense and organize his program so that he can have time for evangelism?

The Two Altars Fire and Prayer (December 1958)

In our evangelistic meetings we have found the use of an altar a very effective aid in making two special calls.

Vigorous Crusading (November 1958)

We still believe in long campaigns.

Successive Steps in Decisions (June 1958)

The shepherd should make it as easy and as natural as pos­sible for the sheep to enter the fold.

Seeking His Lost Sheep (Part II) (December 1962)

We have mentioned pre­viously the types of back­slider that are difficult to re­claim. Now we are to think of those more easily reclaimed.

Seeking His Lost Sheep (Part 1) (November 1962)

A series of four articles by an experienced evangelist on the problem of backsliding.

Seeking His Lost Sheep Part III (January 1963)

Suggestions for Approaching Backsliders.

Evangelism (April 1953)

City evangelism in the Orient Obtaining Sabbath Concessions Mobile Evangelistic Unit in Great Britain Applying Our Work of Education to Evangelism (Part II) Electric Map Shows Spread of Message Evangelistic Newspaper in New Zealand Stressing Our World Missions Parade of Heathen Power "August Evangelism"

The Bible Marking Plan (March 1964)

Using the Bible Marking Plan in an evangelistic series the great­est single new method we have found in more than thirty-five years of preaching.

Running a Film Backward (June 1965)

Have you tried the fool­ish but entertaining idea of running a film back­ward?

Evangelism (July 1953)

A "Quick Work" in Evangelism

It Can't Fail (June 1967)

A look at some recent meetings in California.

EVANGELISM: Building a Steadier Attendance (August 1952)

"Probably one of the most difficult problems evangelists face is that of keeping up a steady week-night attendance. For years this has been one of our most perplexing problems."

EVANGELISM: Open-Air Meetings (January 1952)

"Has desperation sometimes driven you as an evangelist to the discovery of a valuable new plan or approach in your work?"

Be an Evangelist? (Part III) (August 1971)

THE evangelist must be prepared for certain times of feelings of utter aloneness. Not merely when you travel and long for home, but even in your work there are periods of destitute loneliness. It may strike you when you are out visiting and glance up at the moon and wish you could be with your family, but you must be out till late each night seeking the lost. . .

Be an Evangelist? (Part II) (July 1971)

ANYONE who is working his heart out for a cause must be prepared for criticism. This is true of those in positions of leadership in the work of the church, and it is especially true of the public evangelist. Among the most distressing criticisms are the charges that his "converts don't stick," that "they aren't well indoctrinated," or that "their campaigns are too expensive."

Be an Evangelist? (Part I) (June 1971)

Men are not voted in as evangelists. It may be voted that a pastor become conference president or youth leader of the conference, but no committee can vote that a man become an evangelist anymore than a wrestler could be voted to become a surgeon. . .

Central Union's Forward Outlook (June 1937)

Report from Nebraska held on February 16-23.
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