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Frederick Diaz

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Articles by Frederick Diaz

Thoughts on Ministerial Internship (August 1964)

Learning under the tutelage of another.

Slapstick in the Sanctuary (November 1975)

THEY GIGGLED, then chuckled, then roared with laughter. A few pulled out their hankies and wiped away the tears brought on by so much laughing. The performance was hilarious. The man up front was really funny. He had them constantly "rolling in the aisles.". . .

A Linguist Looks at Glossolalia (March 1974)

GLOSSOLALIA, or speaking in tongues, is by now a familiar, if not a completely understood, phenomenon. Several years ago the average person would not have been aware of the meaning of the term glossolalia. Today, because of its widespread manifestation within and without the church walls, even the man in the street is conversant with the term. . .

Listening (May 1971)

WHEN I started my ministry about eleven years ago I was not a very good listener. This led to misunderstanding on my part of other people's problems, since I was not really tuned in to them, I was more interested in handing out advice and telling people what to do and how to do it. . .
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