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E.D. Dick

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Articles by E.D. Dick

Blessings of Sacrificial Giving (November 1939)

Whether our responsibility centers in the local church or in general admin­istrative work in any capacity, as leaders in the cause of God we need to be reminded often of the spiritual objectives that are before us and our believers, and need to have a knowl­edge of how these are attained.

Lifting High the Standards (October 1939)

A heart to heart talk from General Conference leadership.

My Kingdom is not of This World (June 1939)

The spirit of nationalism is contrary to the broad principles of the gospel.

Introducing Ourselves (October 1956)

In this article we tell you something of the Seminary, its purposes, its program, and its personnel.

Visits to Our College Campuses (July 1956)

our schools are the best places in all the world for our Adventist youth in preparation for life's great issues and responsi­bilities.

Lengthen and Strengthen (June 1956)

The Scriptural admonition to "lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes" is wise counsel for every branch of the Lord's work in these last days. Particularly fitting is this for our Theological Seminary, the capstone of our denomination's educational structure.

A Guided Tour to Europe and the Bible Lands in 1957 (March 1956)

The Seventh-day Adventist Theological Semi­nary, at Washington, D.C., will conduct a guided study tour through Europe and the Bible lands from June to August, 1957.

Measuring Religion with a Tapeline (May 1941)

Q. Can we maintain our church standards through church legislation?

From One Native Teacher to Another (March 1937)

Should one question the effectiveness of the promotion of the Reading Course plan in our ranks through the years, let him be con­vinced by the following letter written by a native teacher, Moses Kalunga, and appearing in the Malarnulo Tidings, a mission sheet is­sued by our Southeast African Mission, Mala­mulo, Nyasaland.

Unique Place of Our New Seminary (August 1937)

Address at opening of Theological Seminary sum­mer session. June 1. at Washington. D.C.

Qualifications for Foreign Missionaries* (November 1937)

What are the qualifications for foreign missionaries?
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