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S. L. Dombrosky

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Articles by S. L. Dombrosky

Winning a Man for Christ (November 1955)

Winning a man for Christ is one of the modern-day miracles, con­sidering the many habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling, et cetera, that are so prevalent in our day.

The Pulse of the Church (August 1956)

How to Improve Attendance at Prayer Meeting.

Church Organization for Soul Winning (August 1963)

Well-organized work must be done in the church, that its members may understand how to impart the light to others, and thus strengthen their own faith and increase their knowledge. As they impart that which they have received from God, they will be con­firmed in the faith. A working church is a living church."—Christian Service, p. 73. (Italics supplied.)

"That Your Fruit May Remain" (July 1964)

A wise missionary statesman once said, "It is equally as important to save what we have as what we haven't."

The Pastor's Treasure Chest (January 1961)

The pastor's treasure chest is his prospect file. The purpose of the file is to help us re­member important facts regarding the people we are grooming for heaven.

Above All Things (September 1974)

SENSING a need for a more personal contact with people, and alarmed by the news released by the U.S. Health Department that 25 million Americans suffer from hypertension and are not even aware of it, the Florida Conference has developed several Adventist Community Services centers and eighteen Mobile Screening Units. . .
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