Sandra Doran

Sandra Doran, PhD, is associate superintendant of education, Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Winter Park, Florida, United States.

The Sabbath: A day of rest and gladness

What is it about the seventh-day Sabbath that is so arresting, so compelling, that it beds down in your heart with a power and conviction that cannot be shaken?

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Being organized isn't all that efficient!

If you've despaired of ever being the "organized pastor, " take heart! In the midst of the efficiency experts and time management people, a lone voice speaks up in praise of a little creative clutter. In fact, the author suspects that some of the conventional organizational wisdom is actually counterproductive. Here are the things you'll never hear in a management seminar.

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Youth ministry in the nineties

Ten principles that can energize youth ministry in your church

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An interview with George Brown

A former division president shares valuable insights about leadership.

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