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Lawrence Downing

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Articles by Lawrence Downing

The preacher's weekly dilemma (October 1984)

How do you go about the important task of deciding what you will preach on? Last-minute decisions not only add to the stress you must carry, but also are likely to result in an unbalanced spiritual diet for your congregation. In this article) Lawrence Downing relates the various approaches he has tried and tells what works for him.

What I expect of an administrator (February 1984)

What is the conference administrator's role? More specifically, how should he relate to the churches and their pastors in the area in which he works? A pastor gives his perspective on the characteristics, attitudes, and skills that a conference administrator needs to bring out the best in those he leads.

"The Wall of Adventism'' and Baby Fae (January 1985)

Cutting edges. Controversies. Challenges. Creative energies. They suggest exciting possibilities I Jesus handled them all well. The author of this Viewpoint suggests that in recent times our church has quite literally experienced mixed success in dealing with them. What do you think?

Keeping lay leaders active (October 1986)

If you've ever watched in frustration as a lay leader became less and less involved, and finally faded from the scene, perhaps meaningful involvement was what was missing. How is your church's involvement quotient?

Fresh air at 9:30 (August 1986)

Have you taken the pulse of your Sabbath school lately? Does its condition worry you? Have you thought of what a Christian education specialist might do for your Sabbath school? What about trying a Sister Church program?

Conduct an annual church planning session (April 1988)

If your board is suffering from the church board blahs, an annual planning session can add new life to your meetings.

A multiethnic church: an intentional decision (May 1996)

"An House of Prayer for All People" is more than a slogan.

Viewpoint: Church management: How is it different? What brings success? (March 1998)

Legitimate adaptation of corporate management principles to church leadership

How to Avoid Destructive Behavior (March 2009)

There's no denying the fact that many pastors face sexual temptation. How does one recognize the warning signs? What can be done about it?

Mavericks on the payroll? (October 2002)

How the established church views and deals with those who are controversially innovative.

The church and volunteerism (January 2001)

Motivating, organizing, and properly utilizing volunteers in the church

The challenge and future of urban ministry: The case of White Memorial Church (December 2005)

A story of how one church was transformed from an institutional church to an urban parish. And what that meant for the community.
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