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Roger Dudley

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Articles by Roger Dudley

Women of Mission (October 1984)

Recently the Association of Adventist Women sponsored a conference on the campus of Andrews University. Drawing people from all over the world, it balanced concern with some aspects of women s position in the Adventist Church today with celebration of what women have done and are doing in the church. Roger Dudley concludes the following report on that conference by listing what he understands Adventist women would appreciate from their church.

Morale in ministry—a study of the pastor as a person (December 1981)

What are the greatest sources of frustration for the Adventist pastor? What areas cause the most satisfaction? How seriously does family life affect pastoral morale? A recent sampling indicates that personal factors, even more than professional expertise, may determine effectiveness and contentment in pastoral ministry.

How Churches Grow (July 1981)

Within the same denomination, some local congregations are growing while others are not. Why? A recent scientific sampling of white, black, and Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist churches across North America indicates some expected (and some unexpected) factors that definitely influence how a church grows.

A new view of the pastor's wife (June 1981)

According to this survey, most pastors' wives are dedicated Christians, actively assist their husbands in church work, and do not feel that the demands of the pastorate are excessive. But all is not well in the parsonage.

Interns and supervisors view each other (December 1982)

A recent study indicates broad agreement on the purpose and benefits of the internship program. But the view of what is actually happening varies between interns and supervising pastors.

Who reads Ellen White? (October 1982)

Do church members who regularly read the writings of Ellen White differ significantly from those who seldom do? A recent church growth study in North America yields profiles of each group and indicates that although it may not be possible to establish a cause-and-effect relationship, differences do exist.

Personality and church growth? (August 1983)

Here are the results of a survey of 1 66 Seventh-day Adventist pastors and their churches to determine whether there's a correlation between the pastor's personality and church growth.

Whom are we winning? (February 1984)

How do you evaluate tine evangelistic outreach of your church in order to use it most effectively? The authors introduce their New Member Survey, showing what information it makes available and how that information may be used to target a particular kind of evangelism to the audience with which it is most effective.

Ordination of women: a question of status or function? (October 1985)

Is the issue of women s ordination sociological or theological? Are women being denied certain privileges simply to keep them "in their place"?

Adventist values: flying high? (April 1985)

Most Adventists, young and old, affirm basic Christian beliefs and such ethical values as love and justice. But what about the lifestyle values distinctive of Adventism? How effective have our churches, schools, and families been at transmitting these values? The authors report the findings from a survey of 712 individuals in 247 families across the United States and comment on the implications.

Religion teachers' opinions on the role of women (August 1987)

No one group should determine the church's theology. But we should consider carefully the opinions of those who have devoted their lives to the study of the Bible.

Mission or moonlighting? (June 1987)

This study shows that the pay of Adventist ministers is decreasing while their expenses are increasing. Could this explain why it seems that more ministers are moonlighting?

The Christian and prejudice (September 1988)

Why are religious people particularly susceptible to prejudice, and in what ways can it be combated?

How Adventist teenagers perceive their church (October 1989)

A recent survey reveals what Adventist youth think of their church, whether they plan to remain in it, and why.

Who are(n't) we baptizing? (April 1989)

Market research can help us understand where the church is succeeding and failing in its work of preaching the gospel.

The minister as a husband (April 1990)

Who should have first priority in the married minister's schedule?

Adventist youth cry out! (April 1992)

Young people share their dreams and dilemmas for the church.

How mature? How involved? (September 1994)

A study of faith maturity and congregational involvement among Adventist young adults

The Pursuit of Happiness: Who Is Happy--and Why (March 1993)

I highly recommend this book for every pastor who wants to preach on those things that really matter.

What makes a pastor effective? (December 2000)

Results of a study focusing on what characteristics make an effective pastor

Linking leadership and successful pastoring: An investigation (August 2003)

A study indicating specific leadership qualities and practices that make good leaders

The way it could be: leadership development in ministerial education (July/August 2005)

If you could redesign seminary education, what would you wish for?

Morale in ministry—a study of the pastor's wife as a person (February 1982)

Along with her pastor husband, the woman in the parsonage is facing discouragement and frustration. Yet she still finds joy and fulfillment in working alongside her husband in soul winning and nurture.
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