David Duffie

David Duffie, M.D., holds specialties in internal medicine and psychiatry, and an M.A. in religion. He has also written the book Psychology and the Christian Religion. Presently he is a staff member of a continuing community care (mental health) program for Riverside County, California.

Modernism in Sheep's Clothing-2

A look at the psychological approach to religion in theological liberalism.

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Modernism in Sheep's Clothing

We have occasionally witnessed the distressing phenomenon of an Advent­ist congregation in an Adventist church listening to an Adventist preacher deliver a sermon that is strictly modernist in approach, tone, and emphasis, not to say subject matter.

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Ministry to the Depressed (Part 3)

IN PREVIOUS articles we have briefly viewed the physical and psychological aspects of depression. Now let us concentrate upon its spiritual dimensions. . .

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Ministry to the Depressed (Part 2)

DEPRESSION is a malady that pervades the entire being of its victims. It operates on three important levels, the physical, the psychological, and the spiritual. . .

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Ministry to the Depressed (Part 1)

PROBABLY the most common serious mental dis order that clergymen are regularly called upon to help their parishioners cope with is the problem of depression. It has been estimated that it affects, in serious degree, at least one person in eight at some time in his life span. . .

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Pastoring the mentally ill

This article is provided by the Department of Health and Temperance of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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