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Edward C. Banks

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Articles by Edward C. Banks

Asheville Field School of Evangelism (December 1948)

On June II the Bible department of Southern Missionary College, through its Field School of Evangelism, began a series of evangelistic meetings in the city of Asheville, North Carolina. Here's a report.

A Successful Seminary Field School of Evangelism (February 1961)

THIRTY-ONE young men who are being prepared for the ministry had the privilege of attending the Field School of Evangelism that was con­ducted in Rockford, Illinois, June 5 to July 9, 1960. As the Seminary faculty plans for the training of ministers, it is a definite part of the plan to operate one or more field schools of evangelism each summer.

MINISTER IN THE MAKING: S.M.C Field School of Evangelism. (October 1950)

The Evangelistic program in Southern Missionary College
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