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Edward C. Banks

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Articles by Edward C. Banks

A Successful Seminary Field School of Evangelism (February 1961)

THIRTY-ONE young men who are being prepared for the ministry had the privilege of attending the Field School of Evangelism that was con­ducted in Rockford, Illinois, June 5 to July 9, 1960. As the Seminary faculty plans for the training of ministers, it is a definite part of the plan to operate one or more field schools of evangelism each summer.

Asheville Field School of Evangelism (December 1948)

On June II the Bible department of Southern Missionary College, through its Field School of Evangelism, began a series of evangelistic meetings in the city of Asheville, North Carolina. Here's a report.

MINISTER IN THE MAKING: S.M.C Field School of Evangelism. (October 1950)

The Evangelistic program in Southern Missionary College
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