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Josephine C. Edwards

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Articles by Josephine C. Edwards

Shepherdess-The Indispensable Ingredients (March 1954)

There were innumerable occasions when we thought we would have enjoyed some of the luxuries that are so abundant in America.

In Quest of Purity (June 1969)

YESTERDAY I had a lovely experience. In the early beauty of Sabbath morning I went to a church where I had an appointment to speak. When I came into the clean, attractive foyer of the church, the minister's wife met me. She is a charming person, with good taste and the modesty of dress that should characterize all those who are of the wonderful body of Christ. As I signed the guest book, I had the happy thought---I'm with God's people in the Lord's house. . .

Shepherdess: Little Acts of Kindness (August 1977)

By his side is sponsored by Catherine Dower for the Shepherdess.
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