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Josephine C. Edwards

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Articles by Josephine C. Edwards

In Quest of Purity (June 1969)

YESTERDAY I had a lovely experience. In the early beauty of Sabbath morning I went to a church where I had an appointment to speak. When I came into the clean, attractive foyer of the church, the minister's wife met me. She is a charming person, with good taste and the modesty of dress that should characterize all those who are of the wonderful body of Christ. As I signed the guest book, I had the happy thought---I'm with God's people in the Lord's house. . .

Shepherdess-The Indispensable Ingredients (March 1954)

There were innumerable occasions when we thought we would have enjoyed some of the luxuries that are so abundant in America.

Shepherdess: Little Acts of Kindness (August 1977)

By his side is sponsored by Catherine Dower for the Shepherdess.
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