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Paul H. Eldridge

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Articles by Paul H. Eldridge

"God Behind the Headlines" (October 1946)

The very nature of radio broadcasting makes possible a type of religious program which is not often heard, and yet is peculiarly suited to Seventh-day Adventist belief and doctrine.

Bible Story Program for Children (April 1946)

In the field of religious radio programs, there is one promising feature which has not as yet received much attention.

New Day of Evangelism in Japan (May 1949)

A most unique opportunity in the history of missions.

Saving Face and True Status (June 1964)

Where do I stand in the eyes of the people around me?

Ministerial Association Sponsors Summer Schools in Indonesia (February 1964)

A new effort to provide additional train­ing for field workers was undertaken in Indonesia during 1963.

Windows of Heaven Opened or Closed? (June 1965)

The time has come to finish giving the gospel to the world, and God has opened the windows of heaven so it can be done.

“Messenger” of Mercy (March 1968)

The value of the airplane in mission work.

"Words Without Knowledge" (March 1975)

Thinking back over many years of committee work, I find that one particular type of individual has often captured my unhappy attention. It is the person who feels compelled to comment on every subject. Uninhibited by lack of knowledge and experience, he is an instant reactor. And his ideas are often as far out as they are fluently expressed. When he asks for the floor, the stifled feelings of exasperation around the room are almost audible. . .

Instrument Approach (November 1974)

About forty-five minutes after leaving Pusan, Korea, our jet liner began its approach to the airport in Fukuoka, Japan. Soon we entered ugly-looking clouds, which even at twenty thousand feet seemed almost solid. Descending sharply with lowered wing flaps producing the same kind of sensation as a bus braking on a steep hill, our plane made a number of turns, first one way and then another. With absolutely nothing visible through the clouds, I found myself getting tense. . .

Confirmation (February 1974)

WHEN Paul wrote his first letter to the church in Corinth, he included among his words of greeting this unique expression: "The testimony of Christ was confirmed in you.". . .

So You're a Preacher--Amateur or Professional (September 1973)

A PREACHER is many things: counselor, teacher, fund raiser, church administrator, spiritual trouble shooter. He must be a man of integrity, impeccable personal habits, untarnished reputation, friendliness, and total dedication. He must feel a divine call to the ministry and stand as God's instrument of salvation to men. "Who is sufficient for these things?" (2 Cor. 2:16).

He Delivers Them Out of Their Distresses (April 1973)

Editorial Note: This is a suggestive sermon outline to be used with the May 12 Disaster and Famine Relief Offering. . .
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