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H.T. Elliott

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Articles by H.T. Elliott

Losses in Membership—No. 2 (February 1938)

Part two of series continues where we left of.

Undue Losses in Church Membership—No. I* (January 1938)

Any study of the trends which cause loss of church membership in North America must be approached in a spirit of hum­ble consecration to the task of holding our be­lievers in a fellowship with the Saviour, and with an earnest prayer that they may be sancti­fied.

Shall We Encourage Youth to Prepare for the Ministry? (September 1934)

Should I plan on complet­ing the ministerial course and running the chance of getting a place, when workers have been dropped because of budget limitations?

Successful Approach to Youth (March 1933)

Much study has been given through the years to the matter of successful work for our young people. The personality of the worker and the condition of the youth with whom he has to deal have much to do in determining the method best to be used. However, some general principles are worthy of review.

The Evangelism of Youth (December 1932)

A major field for evangelistic la­bor is that which comprises the children and youth of Seventh-day Ad­ventist parentage.

The Association Forum (March 1929)

A round table discussion on efficient methods.
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