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Elmer L. Cardey

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Articles by Elmer L. Cardey

Lincoln Tabernacle Campaign (July 1936)

A word about the construction of our tabernacle, and the method of advertising.

Utilizing Lay Bible Workers (September 1938)

Much as been written about the priv­ilege afforded our lay members in giving the message to their neighbors and friends, and much has been said to en­courage our members to go into the homes of the people and give Bible studies. But I have sometimes wondered if we as leaders have done all that we might do to make a practi­cable program for volunteer workers to follow.

Accountability for Our Baptisms (April 1938)

Heavy Losses Are an Inexcusable Reproach to an Evangelist.

Using the Newspapers in South Africa (November 1941)

We are not able to use the radio here in, South Africa; so I have been using newspaper publicity in publishing the message.

Newspaper Notices Enroll 20,000 (April 1944)

Bible Correspondence School in South Africa

Bible School in Africa (May 1945)

A report from South Africa.

Correspondence Bible School, Africa (July 1946)

It is increasingly evident that the correspondence method of teaching the Bible is becoming one of the most effective means for soul winning.

Voice of Prophecy in Africa (May 1947)

Modern inventions have placed in our hands two mediums of rapid dissemina­tion of thought to the masses ot mankind—the public press and the radio.

Prayer Circles for Humanity's Needs (April 1947)

Here the secret of the amazing growth and blessed results of the Voice of Prophecy Bible School and radio work in Southern Africa is disclosed.

EVANGELISTIC OBJECTIVES AND TECHNIQUES: Modern Means of Reaching the Masses (July 1950)

"We are in danger of applying the prophecy of Christ in Matthew 24:14 to personal witnessing only."

The Heart of True Evangelism (June 1941)

Hearts everywhere are yearning for love and sympathy, and this can be imparted not only through the public address, but through the personal touch as well.

A More Effectual Ministry (May 1938)

Techniques toward a more effectual ministry.

Motion Pictures in Evangelism (April 1937)

The showing of harmful pictures should not close our eyes to turn the minds of people toward good pictures that will be a blessing and not a curse.

Getting the Attention of the Public* (December 1936)

Address at Ministerial Association meeting, June 3.

Change of Sabbath by "Jury Trial" (September 1935)

One of the most effective means I have found for presenting the subject "Who Changed the Sabbath?" is the jury trial method.
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