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Anne Elver

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Articles by Anne Elver

Shepherdess: How to Live on a Pastor's Pay (July 1984)

Here are three tips from a pastor's wife who for years has been coping with the limitations of a minister's salary. One will help you stretch the budget, but the other two may prove to be even more beneficial.

Don't pity me (March 1985)

It is sometimes nice to know you re not alone in your problems.

Handling drop-in visitors (January 1987)

Are you frustrated by unannounced visitors? Are your study times interrupted by drop-ins? Do you have difficulty terminating casual calls? This article shows how to keep almost everyone happy, including yourself.

Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Society (September 1988)

Tipper Gore, Abingdon Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1987, 219 pages, $8.95, paper.

The Christian teenager and the shotgun wedding (November 1988)

What do you do when an unwed teenager who is a member of your church becomes pregnant?

Security as a ministerial duty (July 1988)

When was the last time you assessed the security measures around your church property and your home?

Shepherdess: Communication, not confrontation (January 1984)

Disagreements occur in ministerial marriages too. And disagreements offer the possibility of growth or stultification for each person and for the relationship. How the dispute is handled determines the outcome.
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