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E.W., Erickson

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Articles by E.W., Erickson

Helpful Tips for the Organist (September 1949)

An organist of a thrice-daily religious broadcast I can scarcely stress enough the importance of valuable techniques employed by this "foot and hand" manipulator. Taking for granted that the organist is a born-again, consecrated Christian—for this is primary—let us proceed from there.

Pulpit-Pointers for Preachers (May 1954)

Mat the finger of warning be lifted. Failure to progress in spiritual tone will decrease our ability to persuade men into the kingdom.

Quote, Unquote (February 1956)

One of the finest skills taught in the school of pulpit teachers is the proper handling of quotable materials. How should we go about it?

The Hospital Evangelist Standing at the Door of the Church (May 1953)

Jesus' words, "I was . . . sick, and ... ye visited me" are a fitting tribute that could be said of a thoughtful and dutiful shepherd. Hospital visitation is no small art, and necessitates an artisan for best performance.
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