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Edwin G. Essery

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Articles by Edwin G. Essery

Stand Fast . . . Therefore." (July 1946)

Health reform is an essential accompaniment of our message for today, and we shall, in a moment, see the reason why.

Our Historic Faith and Contemporary Conflict (Conclusion) (June 1973)

AT THE center of the conflict between historical Christian and modern existentialist philosophy is the truth about God. The God of Harvey Cox offers no sure future for man. Paul Van Buren and T. J. J. Altizer each contributed in his own way to the concept that God has withdrawn from or ceased to exist in modern society. Rudolph Bultmann denies the "God-ness" of Jesus. What may be said of the relationship of Paul Tillich's "ground of being" concept to the teachings of our historic faith?

Our Historic Faith and Contemporary Conflict (Part 1) (May 1973)

IT IS clear, beyond all question, that the early church was sure that our redemption is based on a historical fact an act that took place, once for all, at a definite time in the history of the world. Today again, especially in view of certain developments in modern theological thinking, it should be emphasized that the Christian religion, both in its background and in its development, is definitely historical. . .
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