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Willmore D. Eva

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Articles by Willmore D. Eva

Bringing Meaning to Ministry: Pastoring in the Light (September 2012)

How can the light of the Spirit illuminate our lives?

Should our church ordain women? Yes (March 1985)

Eva begins by comparing the hermeneutics of those who support and those who object to women's ordination to the ministry. Then he argues for women's ordination on the basis of the larger Biblical picture, discussing also the texts that seem to point against it.

Going beyond unity in diversity (December 1996)

How worthy would the Adventist faith be if its ultimate credibility depended on the proper expression of a controverted aspect of its tradition?

Are you ready to quit? (November 1996)

The Lord God is your hiding place! Jesus will not allow the evil one to destroy the good work He has begun in you.

Worship and music: natural but uneasy mates (September 1996)

What is the significance of the relationship between music and worship?

How am I doing? (August 1996)

A suggested evaluative support plan for pastors

Write for Ministry! (July 1996)

Have you thought seriously about writing for Ministry?

The intercultural imperative (May 1996)

Ministry Magazine's role in a multicultural ministry

Proclaiming whom we know (October 1995)

We preachers are constrained to be relevant as we open the Bible to God's people.

Interpreting the Bible: a commonsense approach (March 1996)

Last July, along with thousands of others, I attended the Fifty-sixth General Conference session in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Evangelism from the ground up (February 1996)

How to start evangelism from the ground up

Needed: Non-North American Writers (December 1998)

Ministry is looking for articles written by pastors and other readers in countries outside the North American continent.

Hear the call again (November 1998)

How are you feeling about your ministry?

Embracing the role of pastoral theology (October 1998)

These days, theology is done in the church on a number of fronts.

Visioning: Secular and spiritual (September 1998)

One of the most crippling incapacities to strike the leader of any group or organization is the loss of a clear sense of vision.

Caring about pastoral care (August 1998)

The importance of pastoral care

Eloquence and authority (July 1998)

Every preacher covets it. It is what people in the pew look for in their pastor when he or she preaches.

Ministry: Official word of the church? (December 1997)

Does Ministry represent the official voice of the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

Ministry's two most controversial issues (June 1998)

By far the two issues that have stirred up the most debate have been the ordination of women and alternative worship styles, or more precisely, music in worship.

A tribute to Robert Spangler (November 1997)

In the fireplace of life, Robert Spangler was pure cedar.

Thirsty for a Word (May 1998)

The Word of God is the worthy place of primacy in our life and preaching.

In the Spirit of Christ (August 1997)

It is a common human longing in all of us to be part of an elite group, one of the truly initiated, one of those who really "know."

The ministry of personal anguish (July 1997)

In this issue of Ministry we concentrate on some of the common and the less common fears and maladies we face within ourselves and among ourselves as ministers.

Law, Sabbath, Gospel, and Jesus (May 1997)

This issue seeks to validate the connection between God's original creative act and the seventh-day Sabbath.

Homesick for a story (March 1997)

Making sense of the bewildering and sometimes cataclysmic twists and turns that can so suddenly assault the underpinnings of gives essential meaning to our lives.

Take a dose of disillusionment (April 1998)

To be disillusioned is a positive experience. It is! Although the experience is usually seen as a negative one, nobody would claim that living under an illusion is beneficial.

Recasting our vision (February 1997)

There is no movement immune to the effects of an aging sense of vision

The heart of the pastor's task (March 1998)

The pastoral role, especially in certain settings, vies with the most demanding professions of earth.

Feel like going fishing? (February 1998)

Christ can work through anyone who is willing to step out for Him

Things that matter (December 1999)

We spend huge proportions of our emotional and spiritual capital on casuistic theological and behavioral fiddling, while the world suffers and dies around us.

Divorce (November 1999)

Some of the most difficult times are the divorce situations that come to virtually every congregation.

Ministry: Its beginnings (January 1998)

A look back into the magazine's history

Why the seventh day? Part 2 (September 1999)

The continuity of the seventh-day in the light of Christ (Part 2)

The divergent tracks of Adventist identity (December 2000)

Some insight into who we are as Adventists and a greater awareness of what has gone into making us the people we have become

Findings of the Report on Religious Freedom (November 2000)

An interview discussing the state of religion's freedom in the world today and its possible implications

Why the seventh day? (July 1999)

What's the significance of the sabbath day anyway?

Come fire or ice (June 1999)

I was surprised to hear such a confession from him, because he is too obviously productive and positive a person for anyone to suspect that such turmoil could twist about within him.

It's worth dying for (November 2000)

Is your faith really worth dying for?

Conservative and liberal (May 1999)

The way Jesus handled His world is as always archtypical for leaders everywhere.

Crisis time, grace time (April 1999)

In the discomfiture and chagrin that have battered our own church community in recent years and months, what is God trying to say and do in His church?

What's a Theologian after all? (October 2000)

Was Ellen White a Theologian?

Introducing this issue (March 1999)

An important overview of the theme and structure of this special issue of Ministry

Toronto's burning issue (September 2000)

It was a stimulating privilege to sit with colleagues in Toronto working through proposed changes to the Church Manual when it comes to how members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church should be cared for when they divorce and remarry.

"The truth about truth" (August 2000)

Ellen White has a way of expressing profound realities with such a quality of simplicity that her insights tend to be concealed from over-intellectualized minds.

What makes the difference? (January 1999)

Structural design, doctrine, and demographics are three important aspects that have preoccupied our thinking as a church.

The blessed hope (June/July 2000)

A look at the blessed hope we have in in the soon coming Jesus Christ

Fearing the Pharisee more than the sinner (March 2000)

These days more than ever, it seems that the problems confronting us as leaders are increasingly complex and difficult to preside over. This is especially so when it comes to the interpersonal tensions that develop among people in general and that have their distinctive ways of playing themselves out in our churches.

Why Ministry? (February 2000)

Why exactly do we have a magazine such as Ministry?

Remembering from whence we came (January 2000)

We have finally come to that point in time which for decades we thought of as a distant mystical location in our future: the year 2000.

Thinking in stereo (November 2001)

Sometimes I just want to go back to the bush! By "the bush" I mean the wilderness of Africa, where I was born.

Christian ecology (September 2001)

There's a strange, almost collective reserve among Christians ("conservatives" especially) when it comes to championing the health of God's creation, particularly that of earth itself and its collective environment.

Courage (August 2001)

Whatever you do," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "you need courage.

Word power (July 2001)

We all remember the childish chant, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me!

What causes fights? (May 2001)

"What causes fights and quarrels among you?"

Faith, reason, and the voice of God (April 2001)

The Bible opens with a dramatic portrayal of direct communication between God and humanity.

The call in the calling (March 2001)

Calling or career? Prophet or professional? Priest or pundit? Conviction or compliance? Bottom line, why are we ministers?

Preaching alive (December 2002)

It's Sabbath morning; you're ten minutes into your sermon.

Embracing the whole (November 2002)

For the last 25 years or so, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been tussling over "righteousness by faith."

The value of Viewpoint (February 2001)

Viewpoint articles are designed to stimulate thought and do not necessarily reflect the position of our editorial staff or of Ministry." This statement has appeared on the title page of Viewpoint articles, which are published intermittently in Ministry. Such a declaration may appear to be a mere disclaimer, when in fact it is an honest expression of the nature of certain opinions that appear in Ministry and how they relate to what the magazine and the Seventh-day Adventist Church in fact stands for.

New designs (January 2001)

New plans for Ministry are on the production line and beyond. The first and most obvious innovation is a new look for the magazine, inaugurated in this issue.

Of theologians and prophets (September 2002)

The other day I was confronted by a provocative thought.

Conscience (August 2002)

It's out of fashion these days to talk about "conscience," at least in its traditional role as an authoritative inner moral voice. At one time, the voice of conscience was virtually equated with the voice of God.

Adventists and ecumenism (December 2003)

The traditional emphasis upon the doctrinal uniqueness of each Christian denomination has waned and given way to an opposite trend: the pressure to de-emphasize theological and behavioral denominational distinctives. This bent is not merely the product of recent ecumenical ambitions, but also part of a powerful cluster of largely unrelated social trends.

"When darkness seems to veil His face" (November 2003)

Is there anything more distressing to a pastor's soul than to be overwhelmed by a sense of having lost hold of the hand of God? Perhaps there is, when it appears that no matter what you do, your reaching fingers can't seem to find God's hand again, and it feels as though they never will.

Basics (October 2003)

No matter the activity, if it's worth doing it's always worth the time and energy it takes to make sure we're operating according to that which is basic to it. Whether such an appraisal of the basics has to do with our marriage, our health, our automobile's maintenance, or our preaching, it's always worth being sure that we're still genuinely in touch with the fundamentals.

Pastors and sex (July 2002)

Let's be honest: the behavior behind the latest clergy sex abuse scandals are not limited to just one denomination.

Qualities of a dying generation (June 2002)

I was in the United Kingdom in March 2002, when the Queen Mother died at 101.

"Stay Sammy, and learn to preach!" (September 2003)

There's a telling story of the day John Wesley walked through London's fish market with a young fellow aspiring to be a minister. When Wesley's friend winced at the crass language of the market and plainly wanted to flee the place, Wesley said, "Stay Sammy, and learn to preach!"

Old issues ongoing (August 2003)

Along with Christians since the first century, Seventh-day Adventists have had their struggles with the question of what kind of nature |esus took when He, "the Word," became "flesh" (John 1:14). Our question has been, To what extent and in which ways did Jesus possess a sinful human nature versus a sinless divine nature, and how do these two natures meet in Him and relate to human salvation?

Nurture versus evangelism (July 2003)

Since the moment it drew its first breath, the Christian Church has been challenged, and its way of life shaped by the climactic mandate of Jesus, "Go and make disciples" . . . not proselytes or even converts, but disciples (Matt 28:19).

Hunter and farmer embrace! (May 2003)

Hunters and farmers embracing? What in the world? Educational psychologist Thorn Hartmann has done some controversial work on "attention deficit disorder," or ADD. Instead of viewing this mental learning mode as a deficit or disorder, he views it as simply being a different learning pat tern. He compares ADD and "normal" learning patterns to the underlying way in which a hunter approaches life and learning, versus the way a farmer does.

There's room for us all (April 2003)

There's room for us all . . ." When applied to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is that assertion too inclusive, too unsuspecting of the subtleties of "creeping compromise"? Or does it voice a legitimate call for respect and interpersonal forbearance?

Modern and postmodern (March 2003)

Modernism" and "postmodernism" are notoriously difficult to define, so here's a long standing "parable" that helps to express some of what they embody.

Relating to ministers of other denominations (April 2002)

There are two and a half times as many clergy of other denominations receiving Ministry as there are Seventh-day Adventists

God can be mystifying! (February 2003)

It seems to me that God is more rigorous and even, at times, severe, in His dealings with us than we would like to admit or accept. What is even more disturbing to us is that God appears to us to be much less consistent and much more mystifying than we would like to acknowledge.

Celebrating a treasure (March 2002)

Agatha was a ten-year-old girl attending a Seventh-day Adventist elementary school when she went on an all-day class trip.

Downsizing interpersonal offenses (February 2002)

There is a strong element of mystery in love. And in hate.

Seventy-five years! (January 2003)

2003 is a milestone year of celebration for Ministry magazine. Seventy-five years ago this month Ministry's first issue was dispatched to approximately 1,200 Seventh-day Adventist ministers in North America.

Holy wars? (January 2002)

Most Western Christians find it difficult to see the present conflict between America and her allies and certain radical religious fundamentalist groups as a religious war.

Shifting perspectives; eschatological challenges (December 2004)

The world is reshaping-constantly. This has become an unrelenting reality for most of us.

There are times for every minister. . . (November 2004)

There are times for every minister when nothing seems to be going as it should.

Worship is a verb (October 2004)

Some time ago I took a long automobile trip alone. Knowing that such journeys call for hours in which the only thing to do is listen to whatever radio programming might happen to come in and out of range, I decided to expand my listening options and take along an assortment of musical CDs featuring some of the romantic classics of times gone by.

Horizontal humility (September 2004)

A new generation from diverse backgrounds and complex situations challenges the church's traditional way of preaching.

Keeping "abreast of truth"1 (August 2004)

The song is controversial, but it is in Christian hymnals across the land, especially those more "traditional" in their content. It's controversial, but the orthodox sing it anyway, often; especially in its U.S. homeland.

Fallen pastors need truth and grace (July 2004)

It is one thing for us to debate how parishioners should be treated when they are in violation of what is accepted as normative by the community of believers. We rightfully up the ante, however, when the offenders are clergy, and when their behavior violates the standards not only of the church, but also of the surrounding secular society, and borders on or actually constitutes an illegal act.

Artful dodgers? (June 2004)

Among people in the Western cultures of our world and elsewhere, it is painful for us to acknowledge that Christianity has unnecessarily lost alarming proportions of its credibility. And we know that Adventist ministers are by no means untouched by this trend.

Goodbye (September 2005)

By the time you read this editorial, I will have, a month or more ago, left the editorship of Ministry, having returned to pastoral work and my new assignment as associate pastor of the Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Maryland, U.S.A.

More on clergy sexuality (May 2004)

What's been happening during the last few years that Christian ministers have become as involved as we have in sexual wrongdoing? Is it just that a less deferential culture has emerged leading to an unprecedented exposure of behaviors that have been going on among us all along? Or has there in fact been a rise in our involvement in such things?

Jesus the ultimate pastor (March 2004)

With all we have to say about the "ideal" pastor, why do we say so little about Jesus as the unsurpassable declaration of that ideal?

Covenants: From shadow to 3-D (February 2004)

Most of us have had the experience of repeatedly wrestling with the biblical covenant theme and still being left with an itch that recurrently rouses our need to scratch for further clarity and a deeper understanding of this great theme.

Bosses, leaders, and human hearts (July/August 2005)

Most people would agree that good leadership is something like a brass ensemble gathered on the stage of life, playing beautiful music. Each instrument represents a feature or quality of leadership that stands out at one moment, and blends in with other instruments at another. Together they create a captivating harmony that moves the audience into a constructive common experience.

It's not the sermon... (June 2005)

Through the preaching of Frank Gonzalez, at a recent General Conference week of prayer, the Spirit touched our souls, mine included This is not something that happens automatically, of course, especially among groups of people who have been hearing so much from so many for so long!

Reevaluating the pastoral identity (January 2004)

Like many who've been in ministry since the 1960s, I find myself repeating what I've heard similar aged colleagues say: that ministry these days is simply quite different from what it was three or four decades ago.

Ministerial humility (May 2005)

Humility and honesty go hand in hand. These traits endear us to people, build trust between us, and let them know that we can relate with them in their struggles, fears, and doubts.

Why Christianity? (April 2005)

In a compelling course taught by Gottfried Oosterwal at Andrews University in the late 1960s, we were required to read a potent little volume by Hendrik Kraemer titled, Why Christianity of All Religions? As I look back, those 125 pages of wisdom and insight qualify as among the most influential in my life.

How much has he actually changed his mind? (March 2005)

The truth is that many contemporary religious thinkers, perhaps without actually meaning to, end up attempting to establish the existence and creatorship of God through a means that has its place, but is not exclusive of divine revelation.
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