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I.H. Evans

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Articles by I.H. Evans

What Is Preaching? (January 1928)

Preaching has to do with more than imparting knowledge, be it ever so true; it deals with the will as well a s with the reason.

Forward and Upward (April 1928)

Articles for inspiration, counsel, and caution.

The Preacher's Influence (June 1932)

Today, both in print and from the platform, the minister and his work are frequently ridiculed and spoken of with contempt. Science, phi­losophy, and modern industrialism are lauded to the skies, while the preacher and his message and influence are belittled.

Gathering the Fragments (May 1932)

Is it becoming for an ambassador from the court of heaven so to conduct himself socially and in the pulpit that he excites sympathy for himself rather than toward the kingdom that he is supposed to represent?

"Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear" (October 1934)

Fear is the weakest motive for action that can be employed. It dethrones reason and makes cowards of all whom it controls.

The Kingdom of God (September 1933)

Epitome of sermon preached in the Takoma Park church.

Let Us Examine Ourselves (April 1933)

Self-Examination is far more profitable to any man than to examine the lives and acts of others. Never­theless many of us are experienced in sitting in judgment on our fellows, while prone to neglect serious self-examination.

Words that Keep Men on their Feet (July 1934)

The Christian minister is the natural helper of the soul-sick,—men who are timid, weak, fearful,—and he should ever live so near to the Lord that he will be able at all times to speak words of courage and cheer.

"My Soul in Thy Soul's Stead" (June 1934)

"My soul in your soul's stead, if you follow what I preach, and fail of heaven"--John Newton

Editorial Keynotes (April 1935)

Our Supreme Need--Part III

Church Fellowship for Mutual Strength (July 1936)

The church receives a fullness of blessing as the Holy Spirit dwells within its members and the overflowing of the life more abundant outflows to the world, each member receiving and imparting more strength than he could hope to receive or impart alone.

The Early Church—A Sacrificing Church (November 1938)

The Week of Sacrifice is an annually recurring occasion among us, when all our church membership—both laymen and work­ers—are invited to give their earnings for that week to the advancement of our work.

Our New Theological Seminary (January 1937)

Our need for a graduate school.

Plans for a New Hymnal (May 1937)

At the 1936 session of the General Confer­ence the following recommendations were passed:

The Spirit of Giving (September 1937)

The very nature of the newborn soul is love, and love is a giving quality.

Having Ears to Hear (February 1936)

Frequently Christ cautioned His hearers to take heed how they heard.

Paul and Simon Magus (March 1936)

An editorial on the two types of professed Christians.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping (April 1936)

An editorial on a basic moral law.

The Unity of the Church (June 1936)

The church is not simply a voluntary association of believers who are one in doctrine and faith for the mutual benefits to be derived from worship, praise, and prayer in communion one with the other; but it is composed of men and women who have been re­born, regenerated, recreated, and made into new creatures in Christ Jesus through faith and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Indispensability of Faith (September 1936)

Faith has ever been the strongest weapon in the armory of the ambas­sador for Christ.

Self-Improvement Imperative (October 1936)

In order to keep fresh and do one's best, there must be hard work.

Our Supreme Need (Part 1)* (January 1935)

The great question that concerns us is how to finish the work.

Those Memorable Round-Table Hours (April 1935)

An Editorial Epitome and Tabulation

Obey God Rather Than Man—No. 1 (June 1935)

An editorial on loyalty to God.

Obey God Rather Than Man No. 2 (July 1935)

When a state or a government de­mands that its citizens recognize the state as supreme in matters of conscience, and that it be obeyed, regardless of the right or wrong of its demands, it usurps the place of God and be­comes an oppressive power.

The Word and Spirit Inseparable (September 1935)

One of the delusions of these last days is the varied sects that claim to have the Holy Spirit, but who deny the need for, and even the inspiration of, the Holy Scriptures.

The Holy Spirit Our Helper (October 1935)

Help to obey the Word of God.

"To Seek and Save" (November 1935)

We live in an hour when a multitude of interests and activities press upon our time and attention.

God's Method in Soul Winning (December 1935)

There are many inferior ways, but only one best way. Is it therefore surprising that in the greatest work in which human beings can engage, the work of winning souls for the kingdom of heaven, the method that will make success certain is plainly given in the Bible?

Let Them Not be Ashamed for My Sake (February 1934)

Here is a lesson worthy of thoughtful con­sideration by everyone who bears the name of Christ,—that his daily life, not for his own sake alone, but on account of all who love the Lord, shall be such that none who seek God will be put to shame by anything that he may do. This means that the Christian must guard everything that he says and does.

Sowing the Wind; Reaping the Whirldwind (March 1934)

We are not to seek alliances with the world, nor follow their plans, nor court their favor.

Wise As Serpents and Harmless As Doves (April 1934)

Shall we not seek for wisdom and gentleness, fervent faith and holy zeal?

The Secret of His Presence (May 1934)

Christianity is an experience as well as a faith and doctrine. The experience is all important, the most vital part of religion.

The Christian Soldier (August 1934)

The apostle to the Gentiles often referred to himself and his fellow workers as soldiers. The Christian life he called a warfare. How do we endure?

Adaptability Essential to Successful Ministry (November 1934)

The ability honestly to admire in others their culture and art and accomplishment is worthy of the best of preachers.

Spiritual Power Our Supreme Need (December 1934)

Two things are necessary for a suc­cessful ministry: one is training, the other is spiritual power.

A Call to Holiness of Life (January 1933)

The recent Autumn Council passed many recommendations for an advance move among our people and workers, especially appealing for a call to a new consecration.

Literature as an Evangelizing Agency (February 1933)

Literature has ever been a strong helper of the ministry.

Feeding the Flock of God (March 1933)

Declaring the whole counsel of God to the sheep of God.

Alcohol and This Mechanized Age (March 1933)

Prohibition, as established by the Eight­eenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, is now the center both of attack and of defense.

Our Relation to Repeal (April 1933)

Shall the Eight­eenth Amendment be repealed?

Busy--But a Failure (May 1933)

Are we so intensely busy about other things that we neglect our chief duty?

The Minister's Relation to Denominational Policies (June 1933)

In the work of God on earth it has been divinely appointed that the min­istry shall set the pace for what the church has to do.

Going Weeping Reaping Rejoicing (July 1933)

There must be a going forth in seed sowing before there can be any gathering of sheaves.

The Minister and the Sabbath School (July 1933)

Should not our ministry undertake to see that 100 percent of our church membership are members of the Sabbath school?

Apostates and Apostasy (August 1933)

Man must have a revelation from God in order to know God.

Performing the Marriage Ceremony (September 1933)

We are pleased to present these different types of service as prepared and used by experienced workers, together with an admonition which may be used effectively.

The Blight of Prejudice (October 1933)

It was because Christ had an open mind to see, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, that He imparted light and truth whenever He spoke.

The Meaning and Joy of Work (November 1933)

Christ took delight in His work. Do you?

A New Beginning (January 1932)

This new year ought to see more souls won to Christ than we have ever won before.

Called to be Fishers of Men (February 1932)

Men can learn to be fishers of men. None is so poor or unlearned that he cannot become proficient in this divine occupation.

The Sure Foundation (March 1932)

In order to build on the sure founda­tion, the word of God, one must seek for the true meaning of the word.

The Ministerial Ideal (April 1932)

The highest type of worker never reaches his ideal, but he continues to strive after it.

Have Faith in God (July 1932)

Christ not only taught that we should have faith in God, but also that we shall receive from God what our faith grasps.

Enduring as Seeing the Invisible (September 1932)

The eleventh chapter of Hebrews is one of the most wonderful composi­tions in all literature, and we would do well to read it repeatedly, and meditate often upon the experiences it records.

Our Danger and Our Safety as Workers (October 1932)

As we are all born into the world according to the flesh, minister as well as layman, and in our natural condition cannot please God, it is evident there must be wrought in each heart a transformation from the natural, carnal, fleshly state to a spiritual condition, if we are to please Him.

The Preacher's Message to a Lost World (November 1932)

Sin must be something exceedingly grave, or it would not have exacted the sacrifice God made to save man from the death penalty.

Prayer in its Vital Relation to the Worker (December 1932)

Prayer is communion with God. It unites the one who truly prays with Infinite Power, with the Godhead, in all that that fellowship and comradeship can ever mean.

One Fold and One Shepherd (May 1931)

As undershepherds of the flock of God today, do we measure up to the true standard?

The Outpouring of the Spirit (May 1931)

The Holy Spirit is the greatest thing that can come to us as a people.

The Ministerial Dead Line (June 1931)

The apostle Paul set forth a helpful principle when he wrote to Timothy, "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

Editorial Keynotes (July 1931)

Thoughts from the editor's desk.

Editorial Keynotes (August 1931)

Thoughts from the editor's desk.

Editorial Keynotes (September 1931)

The One Hope of a Lost World

Tolerance (October 1931)

Tolerance is an essential Christian characteristic.

Editorial Keynotes (November 1931)

From the editor's desk.

Editorial Keynotes (December 1931)

Thoughts from the editor's desk.
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